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The Method of Revealing The Creator

laitman_934The whole science of Kabbalah is meant for us to reveal where we are in actuality. After all, we exist in a certain reality that is unfamiliar to us. That reality is hidden from us since we hide it with our own corrupted qualities.

In other words, the correction of our qualities and the revelation of true reality are one and the same. To the extent that we correct ourselves, true reality is revealed more and more, until we reveal the true state where we are in adhesion with the Creator.

This is why the main article, which we have to realize in practice, is Baal HaSulam’s article, “There is None Else Besides Him,” from the book Shamati:

It is written, “there is none else besides Him.” This means that there is no other force in the world that has the ability to do anything against Him. And what man sees, that there are things in the world that deny the Higher Household, the reason is that this is His will.

Therefore, we see that we are opposite to the Creator, in a certain concealment that separates us from Him, and we need to remove this concealment. Everything that happens to us in this concealment is given to us on purpose as an exercise by the Creator in order to help us remove this concealment.

The removal of the concealment consists of our correcting ourselves in accordance to the Creator’s qualities, and due to this, the concealment fades. In other words, I take on the concealment, and then there is nothing that stands between me and the Creator. This is how I relate to the entire world.

Therefor, “world” in Hebrew “Olam,” comes from the word “Alama,” which means concealment since it conceals the Creator, and I must make it a means of revealing the Creator.

But how? I don’t know how to approach the world, too many factors influence me. I don’t know what to do inside of me so that these external influences would go away. I don’t know how to reveal the Creator through them.

In order to direct ourselves properly, we are given a ten—ten friends. If I work correctly with them, I learn through them, together with them, how to correct my attitude to them so that the connection between us becomes a circuit so that we become so connected that there is no distance between us.

Every time I try to unite with them strongly, I direct myself more and more to a willingness to reveal unity. The more I unite with the ten, the more my inner vessel (Kli)—perception, thoughts, intention, in the mind and the heart—becomes more and more appropriate to understand what the Creator is and what that special reality is. Out of darkness and lack of understanding and feeling, gradually, I begin to form Him.

The Creator has no form. I don’t know what it is, and it is a good thing that I don’t know. I cannot know since there is no Creator in relation to a creature. I need to create Him. I build Him from my relationships with the friends. That’s why it is written, “You created Me.” The Creator in Hebrew is “Bo-Re – Come and See.”

The most important thing for us is to realize that there is no Creator without a creature, and we build Him from a correct connection between us. If we can unite mutually with each other as one man with one heart in the given circumstances in such a way that there is no distance between us, we will reveal the first form of the Creator.

Then, the distance between us in the ten will increase suddenly, and we will feel distant from each other, hatred, disdain, and impatience. Again, we will need to work on this in order to annul this distance.

Rabash instructs us as to how to do this: everyone considers himself a zero in regard to the others. Everyone must be equal. Everyone, except me, are the greatest of the generation, and I am included in them as the lowest. I do everything for them and pray for them, since the prayer of many is the prayer for many, and only this prayer is accepted by the Creator.

If every member of the ten acts in this manner, we annul the distance between us once again, which is common for all. We unite again in one desire, one thought. I don’t feel myself or others. I feel us as something completely unified, as ten drops that flow together into one.

In this manner, we achieve a sensation called the revelation of the Creator on the second degree. As soon as we achieve this, immediately, we begin to draw further away from each other. Our egoistic desire suddenly will burst out from within, and we will hate each other with such mutual hatred as we never experienced before.

Thus, the attitude with which we work between us starts from a state called Mount Sinai, the mountain of hatred, and again we will learn how to annul this mountain, to rise over it to the next degree and remove the separation between us, thus revealing the Creator on the third degree, and so on, every time more and more.

Every time, we will feel that we are revealing a new world, a new reality. The reality that we thought was true earlier changes from our external to our inner reality.

This doesn’t mean that our world that we perceive in our five corporeal senses disappears. What disappears is its control or independence, and we begin to reveal that, truly, there is none else besides Him.

As we learn from the section on “Perception of Reality,” we begin to perceive all of reality that is outside of us more and more through our inner reality that we control and is part of us, although seemingly it exists outside.

Our entire work is called “There is none else besides Him” since we need to work only above the unity. We will talk about how to achieve trepidation, and through it, faith, and from faith, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and then “Love your Creator.” All of these are degrees of unification, revelation of oneness, revelation of the fact that there is none else besides Him.

We will need to go through this process in order to achieve revelation of the Creator at least on the first degree, and His revelation always occurs in the form of “There is none else besides Him,” nothing except this one governance that prevails in the world. We unite with Him as one, and there is no difference between the Creator and us. All of this leads to a unity that is called “a drop of unity.”
From the Convention In New Jersey “Completing The Circle” 7/23/15, “Preparatory Lesson”

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The Only Good Activity

laitman_943The Torah, “Numbers” 11:7 – 11:8: Now the manna was like coriander seed, and the appearance thereof as the appearance of bdellium. The people went about, and gathered it, and ground it in mills, or beat it in mortars, and seethed it in pots, and made cakes of it; and the taste of it was as the taste of a cake baked with oil.

Humans are a part of the animate world. Many scientists affirm and verify this with their research.

Even though human society is distinguished by science, culture, and education, it is impossible to say that this is found above the level of the beast. We live, as it is said, “according to concepts and ideas.” But the concepts we have are basically those of a beast, since we use absolutely the same methods as they in educational social and other aspects.

Comment: But this declaration arouses much opposition among people of faith.

Answer: I understand them, but I don’t think that a nightingale does anything less well than some musician, who may have a completely distorted view of human relations.

Art has no connection to the transcendence of a person! It is simply a gift that is given by nature that a person manifests. It is no more than that.

Together with this he can also invoke murder and fanaticism, expressing his point of view in a beautiful language. For example, the famous composer Wagner was consumed by hatred not only of Jews, but also to all of humanity.

So both physicists and poets, as well as those who work for the sake of war and those who work for the state police, rest assured thinking that they are above the beast.

Whereas a bird performs its natural function and certainly doesn’t harm anyone, just as a lion that preys on other animals doesn’t harm the environment because it functions as an ecological “janitor.”

Nature is a complete system, and it is necessary to approach it as a whole, without exception of the human being and without claiming that his apparently multifaceted activities on Earth go beyond the limits of ordinary nature. The only thing that goes beyond its limits is when he uses his ego to cause harm to himself and others.

So we differ from ancient people only from our greater negative aspect. Today this is already gradually being revealed, and I think that soon people will begin to agree with me. This is even though I still remember those times in Russia when there was a fear of suggesting such a thing, for this was against the concepts of progress and the bright future of the nation.

So it was thought that they were going “ahead of the world” both in the realm of ballet and the building of missiles and in the area of armaments. In general this was considered something of which to be proud.

But the idea is that all of this is attained by our ego and therefore only harms humanity. If we want to do something good, in our inventory there is only one good activity, raising MAN.

Raising MAN is the elevation of desire to bestowal and love, connection and union. And we must act in this direction, for the Upper Light that created us arrives in response to the MAN.

Besides this, it also created the ego in us so that with its help we would again ask for additional Upper Light. And when the Light descends upon us in answer to our desire, then it will begin to transform the ego to mutual benefit.

Then we will feel only pleasure in all the phenomena in life, in all the tastes, in every possible thing. About this it is said that the taste of the manna was “as the taste of a cake baked with oil.”

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Work In The World Of The Creator

Laitman_524_01A Theater of One Actor

Question: If the Creator created everything, in what way is our work summed up?

Answer: Right, if everything comes from the Creator and He does everything, if He arranged this small theater, does it mean that we don’t exist as independent people but only seems that way to us?

I feel that I exist according to the degree of my detachment from the Creator and His concealment; or the opposite, to the degree of His concealment, I disappear. I become “transparent.” I feel how everything passes through me, and I myself don’t exist at all.

In this manner, I exist only because the Creator is concealed. So, how can He be revealed? The creation would simply disappear. There would not be anything that really exists besides Him, and, in spite of it all, according to the plan of creation, I can acquire independence and discover the Creator on condition that, before this revelation, I act like Him. In other words, I acquire particular characteristics of the Creator thanks to which He can be revealed without erasing me from the picture of the world, and then I and He become one.

I Am Independent; We Are United

Now, I must say thank you very much for the concealment, for only by means of that can I acquire the characteristics, thoughts, desires, and actions of the Creator. Within the concealment, I want them to be revealed in me, to be born in me.

To this degree, the Creator can be revealed. This will happen according to the law of equivalence of form. In this case, I don’t erase Him from the picture. Rather, He is revealed this way, and I am not erased. I exist independently, and at the same time, He and I are mutually connected, similar, adhered. It may even be with a singular characteristic, but we adhere together.

This action is to be implemented with each one of our desires so that resembling the Creator is entirely a great, internal selection by the person in mind and heart, in thought and desire. This is what is still to come for us.

Behind the Friend, the Creator

We achieve this with the help of Kabbalah when we implement the study, the theoretical basis, within a group, in a group of ten. We gather and try to be together. We complete each other. We agree with each other. Another way of saying this is that I need to build a mutual relationship with a friend that is identical to that with the Creator.

Through this exercise, we develop the right approach within us, and our efforts in work with the friends attract the Light that reforms.

I try to behave with the friends as I do with the Creator, as if He is standing behind each one of them, as if it only seems to me that it is a friend, but in fact, “There is none else besides Him,” and through the friends, I demonstrate and show different forms of behavior all of the time. However, I remove these coverings and say that everything is for the best. I must overcome them, rise above them. I need to relate to the Creator as loving and beloved.

If I make this effort and try, then I awaken the Light that Reforms, and it corrects me, corrects my characteristics so that they truly will be like His, and within them, I will be like the Creator.

Theory Lacks Power

We need to think about this and try to implement it after that. The main thing is specifically the realization and implementation. Believe me; it is possible to read and talk about it for years without understanding anything because of the lack of implementation.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a practical wisdom, and so it is written, “… we shall do and we shall hear” (Exodus 24:7). We will do this actively, and then we will understand. In other words, we will acquire the characteristic of Bina (Intelligence) and feel what it is talking about.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/15, Shamati #241

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The Key To Every Problem

laitman_562_02Midrash Raba, “Behaalotcha“: Besides it (the MAN) also helped the judges solve complicated legal issues like to whom a slave belongs, for example. The judge would simply look on whose doorstep the slave’s MAN fell the following morning. The owner of the slave would be the person on whose doorstep the MAN fell.

The MAN solves every problem between people. By raising MAN we raise our prayer for the Upper Light to come and fill us and provide us with the understanding, recognition, wisdom, and ability to make the right decisions in the connection between us, health, and security. We ask that it should make us perfect, eternal, etc., which means without any flaws: physical, moral, or any other kind.

The Upper Light called MAD descends upon us in response to the MAN. It is described in the Torah as our movement, since when we move backwards to our initial state the MAD falls upon us as the white Light that corrects everything and brings us to the one whole state. This is the reason that MAN solves any issues and conflicts between people. All the problems disappear, but life doesn’t become tasteless, monotonous, or pointless as a result. On the contrary, we begin to see a great world before us, which we need to explore and in which we have to find flaws all the time and ask to see them as perfect. When we feel that we gradually become perfect we will also see that the world is more perfect.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/15

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Education Of Parents – Guaranteed Benefit For Children

Laitman_198Comment: In our times, parents don’t want to be involved with their children. They sit the child in front of the television and then the home is quiet.

Answer: This is happening because today adults have changed; they have become different. They don’t want to devote much attention to a child. It is easier for them to buy him a computer so that he will sit in his room, and they won’t think at all about what he is involved with there. Besides that, they don’t know how to approach the child, even if they wanted to.

Therefor a lot of work must be done in teaching them the right system of behavior with a child. And the fact that they always complain is because basically they themselves education and the children are confused; suddenly they discover that there is a creature growing in their family that doesn’t understand them. This is not a problem of the family, but of the nation, of the schools.

Question: But in the meantime special courses for parents have not been developed. How can those parents, who have problems with their children, overcome this?

Answer: There is no way if they are not included in some kind of educational and informational system, especially educational. They need to educate themselves. And the nation and the society are to blame for this.

Today we have many possibilities for learning, like television and the Internet. Young parents don’t necessarily have to go to night school or visit special courses in the evening; they can learn at home, on the Internet or on open television channels, ask questions, get answers, participate in discussions and communicate.

Society should oblige them to learn, because otherwise we cannot give the proper upbringing for the next generation, and this is our future. In another 20 years the children of today will become the commanders of orders, the creators, and founders, and what will be with them?

Today, a father and mother do everything that a child demands, closing their eyes to all of his mischief. For a society like this there is no future; we see what has grown from our children: depression, despair, drug addictions, and even violence.

So everything depends on the question: What do we want to have in another 20 years? Now we are laying down the foundations for all the children for their future lives. So how can we be indifferent to this? If we don’t aspire to the right education of the younger generation, creating a new person for a new world, nothing will come of it.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/9/15

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Rise Up O Lord

laitman_289The Torah, “Numbers” 10:35 – 10:36: So it was, whenever the ark set out, Moses would say, Arise, O Lord, may Your enemies be scattered and may those who hate You flee from You. And when it came to rest he would say, Repose O Lord, among the myriads of thousands of Israel.

When a person builds his spiritual Partzuf, he asks the Creator to rise and to seem high to him, and says, “Arise, O Lord,” which means rise before me so that I will feel Your greatness and thus be able to advance. The Creator’s powers will fill me to such an extent that I will be able to overcome all of my internal enemies and make a successful step forward.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/11/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.02.15

Shamati #3 “The Matter of Spiritual Attainment

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Writings of Rabash “Rungs of the Ladder,” “According to What Is Explained About Love Thy Friend as Thyself”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 75 

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