The Only Good Activity

laitman_943The Torah, “Numbers” 11:7 – 11:8: Now the manna was like coriander seed, and the appearance thereof as the appearance of bdellium. The people went about, and gathered it, and ground it in mills, or beat it in mortars, and seethed it in pots, and made cakes of it; and the taste of it was as the taste of a cake baked with oil.

Humans are a part of the animate world. Many scientists affirm and verify this with their research.

Even though human society is distinguished by science, culture, and education, it is impossible to say that this is found above the level of the beast. We live, as it is said, “according to concepts and ideas.” But the concepts we have are basically those of a beast, since we use absolutely the same methods as they in educational social and other aspects.

Comment: But this declaration arouses much opposition among people of faith.

Answer: I understand them, but I don’t think that a nightingale does anything less well than some musician, who may have a completely distorted view of human relations.

Art has no connection to the transcendence of a person! It is simply a gift that is given by nature that a person manifests. It is no more than that.

Together with this he can also invoke murder and fanaticism, expressing his point of view in a beautiful language. For example, the famous composer Wagner was consumed by hatred not only of Jews, but also to all of humanity.

So both physicists and poets, as well as those who work for the sake of war and those who work for the state police, rest assured thinking that they are above the beast.

Whereas a bird performs its natural function and certainly doesn’t harm anyone, just as a lion that preys on other animals doesn’t harm the environment because it functions as an ecological “janitor.”

Nature is a complete system, and it is necessary to approach it as a whole, without exception of the human being and without claiming that his apparently multifaceted activities on Earth go beyond the limits of ordinary nature. The only thing that goes beyond its limits is when he uses his ego to cause harm to himself and others.

So we differ from ancient people only from our greater negative aspect. Today this is already gradually being revealed, and I think that soon people will begin to agree with me. This is even though I still remember those times in Russia when there was a fear of suggesting such a thing, for this was against the concepts of progress and the bright future of the nation.

So it was thought that they were going “ahead of the world” both in the realm of ballet and the building of missiles and in the area of armaments. In general this was considered something of which to be proud.

But the idea is that all of this is attained by our ego and therefore only harms humanity. If we want to do something good, in our inventory there is only one good activity, raising MAN.

Raising MAN is the elevation of desire to bestowal and love, connection and union. And we must act in this direction, for the Upper Light that created us arrives in response to the MAN.

Besides this, it also created the ego in us so that with its help we would again ask for additional Upper Light. And when the Light descends upon us in answer to our desire, then it will begin to transform the ego to mutual benefit.

Then we will feel only pleasure in all the phenomena in life, in all the tastes, in every possible thing. About this it is said that the taste of the manna was “as the taste of a cake baked with oil.”

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