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The Middle Way In Educating Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:
Is it harmful for a child when a parent doesn’t create the right environment for him and doesn’t explain to him what happens in the outside world, which means that he doesn’t act as a mediator between the child and this world?

Answer: If I isolate my child in very rigid frameworks and put a leash on his neck and only thus show him how he should act, I don’t allow him to develop. He will grow up to be a very narrow-minded person who does only what is required of him and is not concerned about anything else as long as everyone leaves him alone.

But if I keep him in a vacuum and don’t give him any guidelines, he becomes even more miserable because he looks for something to do. In that case he is prone to internal outbursts and strong pressures that appear in a person in the form of undesirable actions and outcomes at every age.

Therefore, both methods are totally unacceptable. There has to be a middle way according to which I give my child the right guidelines and tell him what is what and give him examples. He sees his parents as a role model of what we expect of him.

What is more, in a healthy society this example is given not only by his parents but also by others around him, like his neighbors, relatives, people at school, and friends. Thus, having no other choice, he tries to form and internally embody everything he sees around him.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/09/15

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Wars: Worldly Or Spiritual?

laitman_570Question: What can the Islamic neighbors of Israel bring?

Answer: The idea is that even among the prophets it is indicated that at the end of the world, when humanity will need to rise to the next level, to the next dimension, the engine of this process will be the Arabs. This will be revealed in the end of history and they will start great wars on land, in the air, and in the sea.

Unfortunately, since all of humanity and the people of Israel bear great egoism, so the connection between them can only be egoistic. And this is what war symbolizes; with egoism there can be no other connection. So mutual connection between peoples must be discovered before their correction, realized through a process involving several wars. These could be physical wars and they could be spiritual wars. On the spiritual level they will happen much more rapidly, without blood, without destruction and reconstruction. But for this there must be leadership of this process; this is what the people of Israel need to take upon themselves.

If we can connect among us, and with this connection and union put ourselves against the whole world, that is how we will provide it with an example; then there will be wars between the forces of Light and darkness on an ideological level in the form of explanations and discussions, but not in the form of physical war. In the opposite case, this will be a long, drawn out process with much suffering. But this creates a problem; how do we reach this? The idea is not with representatives of Christianity or Islam, but only with the people of Israel, how much they can unite presenting themselves as a single complete unit and show the world an example of union. And when it proclaims this, then all of the clashes will subside.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/9/15

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How Do We Win The Love Of Humanity?

laitman_228Comment: Today anti-Semitism has changed its face. If before it spoke about Jews, now they speak principally about their nation. The Second World War and the Nazi regime put into question and challenged the idea of anti-Semitism, because now anti-Semitism is identified solely and only with Auschwitz, Buchenwald, etc.

Answer: This doesn’t bother anyone. There is no problem in repeating the same scenario that existed at the time of the Second World War. That anti-Semitism is now directed against the nation of Israel is basically only a cover. After all, we see how among all the nations of the world, under this mask, speeches and taunts are taking place against the Jews that live there.

Comment: But today nobody can proclaim with pride that he is an anti-Semite anymore.

Answer: Soon this will also be popular, and all kinds of aristocrats will elevate their image with this. There is no difference between anti-Semitism and hatred towards the nation of Israel. Everything depends only on one question: is this a political or social problem? They are connected together.

Comment: In the year 2014, an additional international poll was conducted regarding the attitude towards the nations of the world. Among a multitude of questions, it was proposed to say which nation is the biggest danger to the world. Israel overtook Iran in most of the items and found itself in first place!

Answer: I am happy to hear this. People subconsciously understand from where the force that is prepared to change their future is derived. This is very good; this says that it is possible to explain to them why such an inner unconscious determination exists in them. When I raise this subject in my lectures abroad, I feel that people are beginning to understand what sums up their special attitude towards Israel and the Jews.

In fact, very few people in the world think about the nation of Israel and about what is happening there. For a person who is living somewhere in a remote settlement in Russia, America, or Europe, this nation generally doesn’t matter. He is not a political person but a simple citizen, so his attitude is not in regard to the nation, but in regard to the people. More correctly, it is not even in regard to the people, but in regard to what he regards as the cause of all his troubles and problems.

Comment: Recently the United Nations published a report about the right to conduct a war between Israel and the Gaza Strip. And again Israel was faced with the question: what is to be done? How can one explain to the world who is justified and who is to blame?

Answer: There is nothing to be done; the world will blame the Jews anyway. They can present all kinds of arguments, but the world will answer: “I don’t believe it!”

Question: In Israel, on the political level, there exists what is called a “public relations department.” If you were to manage this department, what would you explain to the world?

Answer: I would explain to everyone the mission, the role, of the Jewish people: Why it was created, why it exists. The world needs to know that among the many billions who have lived throughout humanity, a special group of people appeared that rose above the laws of physics and nature; they have a special destiny and they constantly demonstrate the possibility of connection and union to the world, either correctly or incorrectly. This group shows the world what it must attain, even though it isn’t found on this level itself.

Question: Along with this, it arouses sympathy on the one hand, and on the other hand, contempt, hatred, and a desire to annihilate it. Where does all of that come from; where must it go?

Answer: It is imperative for everyone to understand that this is not a nation but a group of people who must unite among themselves according to the natural law, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” and show everyone the right connection between them. Humanity must reach this state, and then it will begin to rise to the next dimension. This world is finite, limited in its existence, and our senses have already exhausted themselves. We must rise to the next level.

This is talked about by all the religions that are derived from the wisdom of Kabbalah: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The prophets predicted this, and we see that everything is materializing. We must explain to the world that we are in fact an example for the whole world, even though in the meantime it has been an unsuccessful example. We must become the teachers of the world, meaning that we must unite among ourselves to provide the world with an example of how it will be possible for the whole world to do this together. It requires this and it is specifically here that the origin of the hatred towards us is concealed; it is because we haven’t brought unity to the world.

If we were to succeed in showing humanity that it must live as one people with one heart, that through unity and not through ego the next level of existence which is called the Upper World is revealed, then we would win such love, such recognition, that would have no equal in the world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/23/15

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A Step Forward

laitman_426In the News ( “The world around us is changing inevitably, and the changes are global. What is it that is replacing the existing world order?

“The state of the world economy suggests that capitalism has become global, not remaining in export markets, and it is precisely the economic expansion of capitalism that is the main force that leads to development, but it is not ready to let go of its dominance, standing at its disposal is the state apparatus, the army, the police, money, the communications media, everything that is required for maintaining dominance and profit.

“But all of these mechanisms cannot solve the problems, rather they only delay the inevitable: instead of capitalism, socialism must come, not as in the example of the Soviet Union, rather true socialism, in which the means of production belong to society, whereas in the Soviet Union they belonged to the nation. And the nation itself will be cancelled because of the absence of a need for it, whereas in the Soviet Union the nation was strengthened and society became its appendage.

“Socialism is a social construct, direct democracy, with the responsibility of every member of the society for everyone. For this the people must be educated for cooperation and mutual help. The essence of the economy is the distribution of resources. The essence of capitalism is its accumulation and not its distribution. It is estimated that to build a large object, the decision of one person who has enough resources is necessary.

“But people earn money not to serve society (to build, to manufacture products), but to profit, to allocate resources from social turnover for the needs of the elite. Lately we see particularly clearly, the depletion of the population and the enrichment of the elites. The manufacturers are doing everything to stimulate demand, which is to say, to obligate the person to buy everything new. The entire fashion industry exists only to obligate a person to get rid of ‘old’ things and to buy new ones.

“With three-dimensional printers it is possible to print just about anything useful (kitchenware, furniture, clothing and so forth). Nanotechnology makes it possible to create synthetic materials for them with predetermined properties. And their widespread distribution will make mass production unnecessary.”

My Comment: Technically everything is okay, except for one thing; development like this is contrary to human nature. Its nature can be changed from egoistic to altruistic only through the method of Integral Education —the wisdom of connection, which is based upon the wisdom of Kabbalah. And then people will be able to understand how to solve the next level of human development technically and technologically.

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About Anti-Semitism In America

Laitman_408Question: What is your opinion about the growing blunt anti-Semitism even on university campuses in America?

Answer: There is only one thing I can suggest: study the wisdom of Kabbalah, which will explain the reason for what is happening. They can at least read my article in the New York Times published on September 20, 2014. The path of our development is predefined and predetermined and we only have to try to be compatible with it in order to feel good.

I advise and wish the Jewish students to explore and study the development of humanity (see our site) and to follow the frameworks of our nation in fulfilling its mission. Just like everyone, both the Jews and the other nations each have the path that was designated especially for them by nature, and by following it we avoid great sufferings, which are nearing us at an alarming speed.

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Autism – An Index For Examining Society

laitman_600_02Autistic children are like litmus paper for testing society and parents. But we are not ready to accept these children because we don’t have the flexibility of social consciousness. Basically we don’t have it.

In the current overall direction of schools, the teacher is directed towards working with ordinary children, and all the rest don’t interest him,; he or she doesn’t need autistic children in class.

Certainly among the teachers there are individuals who relate warmly towards children like these, but unfortunately there are very few.

But these children, as a rule, are very connected, very faithful to others, very connected to those who are near them; they are not two-faced, in their behavior there are no malicious intentions or thoughts. So they stimulate an honest attitude in those around them.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 7/9/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.04.15

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 13

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The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts, “Divinity,” “The Wings of Divinity”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 76

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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