How Do We Win The Love Of Humanity?

laitman_228Comment: Today anti-Semitism has changed its face. If before it spoke about Jews, now they speak principally about their nation. The Second World War and the Nazi regime put into question and challenged the idea of anti-Semitism, because now anti-Semitism is identified solely and only with Auschwitz, Buchenwald, etc.

Answer: This doesn’t bother anyone. There is no problem in repeating the same scenario that existed at the time of the Second World War. That anti-Semitism is now directed against the nation of Israel is basically only a cover. After all, we see how among all the nations of the world, under this mask, speeches and taunts are taking place against the Jews that live there.

Comment: But today nobody can proclaim with pride that he is an anti-Semite anymore.

Answer: Soon this will also be popular, and all kinds of aristocrats will elevate their image with this. There is no difference between anti-Semitism and hatred towards the nation of Israel. Everything depends only on one question: is this a political or social problem? They are connected together.

Comment: In the year 2014, an additional international poll was conducted regarding the attitude towards the nations of the world. Among a multitude of questions, it was proposed to say which nation is the biggest danger to the world. Israel overtook Iran in most of the items and found itself in first place!

Answer: I am happy to hear this. People subconsciously understand from where the force that is prepared to change their future is derived. This is very good; this says that it is possible to explain to them why such an inner unconscious determination exists in them. When I raise this subject in my lectures abroad, I feel that people are beginning to understand what sums up their special attitude towards Israel and the Jews.

In fact, very few people in the world think about the nation of Israel and about what is happening there. For a person who is living somewhere in a remote settlement in Russia, America, or Europe, this nation generally doesn’t matter. He is not a political person but a simple citizen, so his attitude is not in regard to the nation, but in regard to the people. More correctly, it is not even in regard to the people, but in regard to what he regards as the cause of all his troubles and problems.

Comment: Recently the United Nations published a report about the right to conduct a war between Israel and the Gaza Strip. And again Israel was faced with the question: what is to be done? How can one explain to the world who is justified and who is to blame?

Answer: There is nothing to be done; the world will blame the Jews anyway. They can present all kinds of arguments, but the world will answer: “I don’t believe it!”

Question: In Israel, on the political level, there exists what is called a “public relations department.” If you were to manage this department, what would you explain to the world?

Answer: I would explain to everyone the mission, the role, of the Jewish people: Why it was created, why it exists. The world needs to know that among the many billions who have lived throughout humanity, a special group of people appeared that rose above the laws of physics and nature; they have a special destiny and they constantly demonstrate the possibility of connection and union to the world, either correctly or incorrectly. This group shows the world what it must attain, even though it isn’t found on this level itself.

Question: Along with this, it arouses sympathy on the one hand, and on the other hand, contempt, hatred, and a desire to annihilate it. Where does all of that come from; where must it go?

Answer: It is imperative for everyone to understand that this is not a nation but a group of people who must unite among themselves according to the natural law, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” and show everyone the right connection between them. Humanity must reach this state, and then it will begin to rise to the next dimension. This world is finite, limited in its existence, and our senses have already exhausted themselves. We must rise to the next level.

This is talked about by all the religions that are derived from the wisdom of Kabbalah: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The prophets predicted this, and we see that everything is materializing. We must explain to the world that we are in fact an example for the whole world, even though in the meantime it has been an unsuccessful example. We must become the teachers of the world, meaning that we must unite among ourselves to provide the world with an example of how it will be possible for the whole world to do this together. It requires this and it is specifically here that the origin of the hatred towards us is concealed; it is because we haven’t brought unity to the world.

If we were to succeed in showing humanity that it must live as one people with one heart, that through unity and not through ego the next level of existence which is called the Upper World is revealed, then we would win such love, such recognition, that would have no equal in the world.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/23/15

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