Instead Of Boycotting: Love

laitman_568_01Question: Europe’s hostile attitude toward Israel these days scares me. In recent years there is a real boycott of Israel all around. So much so that even FIFA threatened to ban Israel from the World Cup.

Why don’t they want us? Where does all this hatred stem from that has even reached the field of sports? After all, sports always has brought nations together.

Answer: This negative attitude has been felt for quite a long time. Jews usually are not welcome anywhere. But the problem is that we don’t want to admit this. After all, if we recognized it and wanted to solve this problem, we would explore the root of this hatred. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that anti-Semitism stems from the fact that Jews have the key for the good and happy life throughout the world.

This is especially evident today when we learn more and more about our world and to what extent it is integrally connected and how we all are connected to one another. In this integral system, we need a special plan, the right education, that will help us establish good relations between us. Otherwise, we simply will devour one another.

Humanity is discovering the new law of integrality in the world, which means complete mutual interdependence, and humanity is despaired from the helplessness it is facing. All the systems that we built in the last three centuries don’t work.

We knew how to live in a world that was made of individualists where everyone lived on his own. But today we are discovering that we are totally dependent on one another. It is impossible to move without touching others, and the ties between nations are so tight that we need another style of life. We even cannot establish friendly relations within the family; everyone is in a conflict with others, children, parents, etc. Everything is falling apart because there is no force of connection between us, the glue that can keep us together. This force comes through a special connection according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The Israeli nation was established by a group of Abraham’s students that he gathered in ancient Babylon and taught how to connect and unite with one another. However, thousands of years later, the Israeli nation has lost the principles of all of Israel are friends, love thy neighbor as thyself, and the mutual guarantee of being as one man in one heart.

Only the words remain, but we don’t feel any connection between us. When we returned to the land of Israel, we didn’t build ourselves as the nation of Israel must be—united as one man.

All the nations are angry at us precisely because we are not connected by the right ties and therefore don’t set an example for others. If the Israeli nation were to establish good relations among its own people, we would feel how happiness and prosperity flow into the world, the good force of unity. This means that the Israeli nation will become a light to the nations of the world by setting an example for everyone as to how they should connect. This is the reason that, now the most important thing is to attain unity among the Israeli nation. Then, the entire world will want to follow this example. If the world demanded that Israel set an example of this method of unity every day, we would have to learn how to be that example.

Nature ties us all together, but we must turn these ties into good ties on our own. The mission of the Israeli nation is to teach all the nations of the world how to do it. The source of anti-Semitism is actually the fact that Israel doesn’t reveal the method of unity to the world.

If the nation of Israel united, all the nations of the world would feel it and learn from us. This means to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. The world’s attitude toward Israel would change immediately from hatred to love and gratitude for the good example. People would come to us to learn how to attain unity.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/17/15

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