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Hearing In A New Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: When I hear you I find myself feeling that you tell everything in a new way each time…

Answer: This happens because you are constantly changing, and it isn’t only you but also me, the world, and the general state of the people. All this allows us to feel and to hear things that seemingly we have already heard but in a totally different way.

Comment: If I read a certain book and I realize that I have already read it, I can immediately stop reading it, but when it comes to Kabbalistic writings there is a constant feeling of renewal.

Answer: There are no special renovations in ordinary literature; everything is basically superficial because it doesn’t depend on a person’s internal states. The point is that the internal states change all the time and so each time we experience everything anew, on a different level.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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Is Neighborliness The Remedy For Civil War?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (echo.msk): “Scientists claim that you need five or more close friends in order to be happy. Friends that you are not only in close contact with but those with whom you also share your worries and your moments of joy, and with whom you share common interests and hobbies.

“Is this possible in today’s realities of the gray and aggressive metropolis? The situation where neighbors living in the same building not only don’t know one another by name, but sometimes don’t even know what the people living in their building look like is very common. Indifference leads to lack of responsibility and the irresponsibility contributes to various social ills starting from poor maintenance of the building to poor maintenance of the country.

“After all, a society in which people are not connected and where neighbors don’t keep in touch and even express hostility towards one another is doomed to both internal and external destruction. It is easy to manipulate people in such a society and to direct the mass consciousness and energy to whichever direction one desires.

“Lonely people without social support who are governed by fear and panic are inclined to inappropriate actions, which in other circumstances, would never have been considered. In such a society the value of human life drops sharply. After all, it is the life of a stranger I don’t know and who even might be hostile to me. As we all know fear and distrust breeds aggression.

“Such a society can easily find itself on the brink of civil war. At such times, people are not only physically but also emotionally and morally defenseless, disoriented, and easily manipulated. This is a very dangerous situation when a person doesn’t have a friend or a neighbor by his side that he can turn to for advice or help or simply to feel secure and that he is part of a good neighborly world.”

My Comment: It is only by the systematic integral education based on the equivalence of form with nature that we can establish a connection between people, create a feeling of togetherness and a new relationship—one desire in which people feel the upper world.

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Time To Come Out From Hiding

laitman_533_02We know how much suffering people who were involved with the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah went through since the time that the method of the Ari began to be introduced in this world. And this is not because of someone’s evil will but because we exist in a broken system.

And the moment that you begin to go out with your spiritual idea that is directed towards connection between people, you immediately put yourself under fire from all directions.

Someone who was neutral and even supported you also comes out against you. After all, you are arousing anti-egoistic forces and egoism is the nature of the whole world. So we see that there aren’t any people in whom anti-Semitism isn’t hiding, after all, it comes from nature. It is possible to ignite the fire of this hatred in everyone.

Correspondingly, anyone who hears about the wisdom of Kabbalah hates it because he is in the nature of the broken desires. And if he is attracted to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is only out of curiosity. But in fact, he hates it, and to the degree that he gets closer to it, he hates it more and more, until he abandons it.

There has to be great help from above and work in this world, so that together they will influence a person, and he will cross the potential Machsom (barrier) standing before him, leap above it, and rise to his first spiritual level.

We know how the first Hasidim suffered; they were arrested and put in prison in Russia and in the Ukraine. Against them was the Mitnagdim (the movement against Hasidism). Those religious Jews hated the Hassids who wanted to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah so much that they made efforts to imprison them and condemn them to death. The fire of hatred burn in the religious Jews regarding those who tried to open the wisdom of Kabbalah and spoke about connecting people and revealing the hearts that this hatred is felt to this day, even though modern Hassidism is no longer the ideology it once was, and therefore, there is not as much opposition to it.

We know how much Baal HaSulam suffered. When he published the newspaper, The Nation it was immediately shut it down. He planned to write 50 articles continuing with “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah),” “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee),” and “Peace in the World.” But instead of 50 articles, he only published four as he was forced to stop because the newspaper was shut down. He said: “If so, then the generation is not ready for this, and there is nobody to write for!” How many new ideas would we have gotten if he hadn’t stopped?

Even during my life with Rabash I saw how much it was difficult to be involved with studying Kabbalah. Today there are many such groups, and if you sit in your corner and don’t go out, everything is okay, there will not be opposition. But the moment that you go out, you will get blows. Like the Jews who lived in exile in the closed ghettos, the Kabbalists lived among the Jews.

But the time has come when we must come out of hiding not for the sake of some abstract idea, but because the correction in our generation is possible only with the inclusion of masses of people. The connection between them is the only condition necessary for revelation. It follows that if I don’t connect to others, I don’t create the conditions, the means, the basis, the bearer in which the Light can be revealed.

And then all of my studying would be in vain; it would bring no added value that would allow me to realize myself and truly merit the discovery of the Light, the revelation of the Creator, raising myself to the first spiritual level. This is possible only if thousands more will connect with this. Even though the power of each is minimal, together they are strong in quantity that works together with the qualitative force that worked in previous generations.

And so we have received the opportunity to fill the desire that is burning in us. It burns a bit in each one, like a thin candle. But if we connect many candles together, a gigantic blaze is created that is prepared to illuminate with spiritual Light.
From the Talk about the Importance of Dissemination 3/19/14

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Communism: Utopia Or Reality, Part 6

laitman_430Shattered Dreams

At that time they wanted to introduce communism in Russia by force, or to lead through dictatorial methods in South America, Cuba, and Spain.

But a dream is a dream. In fact, it is correct and good because it went against the ego; for one way or another, people were striving for balance, equal rights, etc. So in principle the developed nations understood that they had to at least partially satisfy this aspiration of the population.

Today capitalism is already beginning to sink, deteriorate, and show its end. Capitalism is a necessary stage in the development of egoism, where with all our might each of us strives to get for himself, and as a result we are in deadlock.

It could be that one or two generations lived in prosperity, but with that the American dream ended. And now America and the other egoistically developed nations will deteriorate further and further. Today there isn’t even the same distorted socialism that they once tried to build in the Soviet Union anymore.

To be continued….
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/11/15

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