Communism: Utopia Or Reality, Part 5

Laitman_083Sooner or later, humanity must become a happy society. However, this can be reached either through suffering or through awareness.

The path of awareness is an investigation of our final state, making it possible to plan for it, in other words, finding out how to become like it. Then we will have no need for a “stick” to drive us toward happiness.

How do we do it? The final state of all of nature is to bring itself to absolute harmony and balance, so people need to perceive themselves in the identical place, becoming like nature, an absolutely balanced system.

But so far, we are on the path of suffering; feel it for yourself. What is it that is stopping us?

In nature, there are two opposing forces that tend toward equilibrium. For every positive or negative event, there is its corresponding opposite: plus – minus, north – south, and so forth. The laws of their combination are the formulas that we study in physics (inanimate matter), in botany (plant matter), and in zoology (animal matter).

Yet we do not understand the  human. There is insufficient knowledge and opportunity because when we study the nature of the previous stages of development (still, vegetative, and animate), we investigate it from top down, from the higher level. If we are on the same level as that which we must investigate, then we cannot say anything about it ourselves because we are on the same level. So we introduce errors because of our relationship to the object of investigation—us.

In order to know our nature, we need to rise to a higher level, and this is not possible. We learn a little psychology, but it cannot be called science because science is the study of nature at all levels from top to bottom. So, the human level is inaccessible to us. We do not know about ourselves.

Here we have the support of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which explains how one can rise to the next level and investigate our level from there. Studying Kabbalah before ascending to the next level—called Adam (Man) or “speaking”—we can discover what a person really is and how it to reach that level.

According to Kabbalah, the way by which to realize ourselves on the next level, investigating ourselves from there and beginning to behave in our world, is self-education. This means that we must raise ourselves to a new sensory, spiritual level of relationship and community, which is defined by the simple condition of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

This phrase speaks about the law of existence for all humanity as one single entity. When a person begins to get close to this state, it will be clear that this is the true communism that people once dreamed of.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/11/15

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