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Code Of Spiritual Information

laitman_214The Torah, “Numbers” 3:40 – 3:42”: The Lord said to Moses: Count every firstborn male aged one month and upward of the children of Israel, and take the number of their names.

And you shall take the Levites for Me I am the Lord instead of all first-borns among the children of Israel. And [take] the Levites’ animals instead of all the firstborn animals of the children of Israel.

So Moses counted every firstborn of Israel, as the Lord had commanded him.

Question: What do these calculations mean?

Answer: When we assemble some device that usually consists of two opposite properties and create various combinations out of these two opposite properties, we have to clearly define the qualities of every junction between them.

There is the Light and the darkness, the desire to bestow and love, and the will to receive and hate. We have to create various combinations of them. This is what everything consists of.

Numbers are a very straightforward expression of a spiritual level; states and properties that cannot be explained any other way. How can we express spiritual properties? This can only be done numerically.

Numbers express the degree of the property of bestowal (the screen) compared to the intensity of the will to receive. This includes the height and the three lines. This  number, like any other code, carries certain information; in this case, the numbers define the coordinates of the camp: what line each one comes from, what tribe one belongs to, i.e., definitions of height and width.

Also, the code bears the information about the number of the components (private souls), their qualities and junctions among them. However, none of these parts possess personal properties since each property can be revealed only through interaction with others because it serves the property of bestowal.

This makes it impossible to talk about some person. In this world, we verbally describe somebody; however, in spirituality all that can be said about one is one’s ability to give, one’s benevolence that is oriented towards bestowal. This is the only parameter in accordance to which the strength of one’s qualities can be measured.

As a result, we end up with a numeric code, and a person in spiritual attainment understands what it means.

In general, the entire Torah is written through various sensory and numeric codes as well as the codes that denote various forces. How else can we describe things that cannot be explained by the words of this world? That’s why the language of Kabbalah is the language of forces and multiple vectors. Of course, not all understand it; not everyone can see the genuine picture of the world behind these schemes since we transmit them as images rather than vectors.

For example, if a computer doesn’t work properly, instead of a meadow, wood, or sky we see some characters on the screen. How can you see the picture if you don’t know the meaning of the characters? But if you attune yourself correctly to their perception, you won’t have to see the picture at all. Instead, you’ll sense the meadow, the wood, or the sky. It is the same with the numbers.

This is how new properties and sensations are created. We have to orient ourselves to the perception of spiritual vectors: bestowal – receiving, love – hatred. But this level is unavailable to us, yet.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/31/14

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Communism: Utopia Or Reality, Part 9

laitman_229Question: Do we see that there was a need for the way of suffering only so that toward the end of the 20th century humanity would say, “We have reached a blind alley, there is nothing left to investigate?”

Answer: Humanity doesn’t even look at its history. Now it simply gathers sensations and emotions that lead it to the understanding that it is impossible to advance further this way.

We have become locked in and have begun to perceive each other as ourselves. What happens in South America, Australia, Asia, or Africa, all of this exists within me. Each one of us sees on what is happening at the other end of the world television. Each one of us has become a man of the world. We are beginning to feel ourselves as one large and closed society in which we are completely dependent on one another.

Imagine if a nuclear accident occurred at some nuclear power plant or a nuclear submarine exploded somewhere or some deadly virus spread, it would be bad for everyone. One incident like this would be enough, and everything would begin to die. Today, we depend on each other so much that, against our will, we are becoming linked as one family.

How can we make people understand their dependence on everyone else so that they can rise to the level of a single family?  After all, it is impossible to solve this through war?

We have a a situation in the world, like in a family, where the couple hasn’t loved each other for many years. They consider each other as strangers, and because of their egos, they don’t want to forgive, to indulge, to provide for and serve each other. As a result of this, they divorce. That is the way 50% to 60% of the population behaves. But they cannot get divorced! Give us another Earth so that all of those who are dissatisfied would go and live there. Impossible! This means that the only thing that is left to do is to educate people.

This is precisely what the wisdom of Kabbalah was talking about thousands of years ago, “Wait! A time like this will come, and in the meantime I am hiding myself from you.” That is how it quietly ducked down and concealed itself, and now it is beginning to emerge and assert itself, “Here is the method for you with whose help you can attain the right and perfect state for yourself without wars.”

The wisdom of Kabbalah spoke about this for all these thousands of years, only it could not be revealed to people, just like you can’t give an atomic bomb. Everything must be in its time, and now the time has come.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/11/15

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The Cause Of Natural Disasters

laitman_738Question: I have a question from a child: What caused the natural disasters that led to the mass extinction of animals before human beings showed up on the face of earth? Did they occur because of the selfishness of dinosaurs?

Answer: All processes are pre-determined by a pre-set program, called Beito (in its time), i.e., they are triggered by natural modifications of the matter (desire) at its still, vegetative, and animate levels.

Starting with Adam (5775 years ago) and further on, humans are able to influence matter (desire). They do it either by aspiring to be involved in the growth of the general desire, or, on the contrary, by opposing it.

Kabbalah explains to us what the developmental program of the universal desire is and how we can speed it up. To the extent of the acceleration, we can avoid the pressures of nature and feel similar to the Creator.

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Mini-Model Of The Universe

laitman_934Question: It is said in The Zohar: “Happy is the one who was among the first ten in the house of meeting, because thanks to them, an assembly that consists of not less than ten people becomes complete and they are blessed by Shechina (Divinity).

After the assembly is complete, correction happens. It is written: “The greatness of the King is in the multitude of people.” So, those who follow the first ten are associated with the bodily correction, that is, with the correction of the congregation. ”

What does it mean, “the first ten followed by the entire nation”?

Answer: Any spiritual structure consists of ten Sefirot, no more and no less. By bringing together ten different properties, we form a mini-model of the universe, including the part of it that we do not know of or have any idea what it is.

The fact is that we are only dealing with our little world, but really don’t know much about it and we can’t fully understand it, not to mention the vast universe, comprising all the worlds. Therefore, it’s absolutely unimaginable to talk about the higher worlds, each of which is billions of times greater than our world.

At the same time, if we build a community of ten people that complement each other, this “vast impossibility,” fortunately, becomes very easy to comprehend. As soon as they connect with each other, the general force that embraces all the worlds starts influencing them. This force is called the Upper Light or the Creator.

By making attempts to maintain harmonious connections, staying in bestowal, and mutually complementing each other in accordance with the principle of “loving thy neighbor as thyself,” we immediately “oblige” the supreme power to impact our efforts to follow the law of similarity of properties. The upper force affects and helps us unite to the degree of our efforts to be connected.

When we comprise one system, we start feeling any commotion that happens between us: one clings to another and then connects with somebody else, and so on… In this case, we directly sense interactions among us. Suddenly, we reveal the powers and properties of the vast universe, including the higher worlds, which we currently have no idea about.

We see: “Oh, there are five worlds between us!” All of a sudden, we clearly perceive five levels, each of which is divided into sub-levels, and so on and so forth. One can explore the entire universe through the union of ten people (a Minyan) who are interconnected by complete bestowal and love. Their connection is sufficient; nothing more is necessary. This is the way we can start comprehending the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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A Successful Society

laitman_547_06In the News ( “An educated society is a society that doesn’t need the knowledge of experts. People in such society need no explanations about life and the discoveries about it.

“The goal of education and of studying is to attain the level on which every individual is happy in his private life and at the same time can contribute to the whole society.”

My Comment: I believe that only a system that includes integral education, which the wisdom of Kabbalah offers, can provide the answers to such questions because it gives a person some idea not only about our world but about the entire creation, about its dynamics and its goal, thus making a person happy personally and also beneficial to society.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.16.15

Preparation for the Lesson 

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