The “Physicists” And “Lyricists” Of Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Rabash wrote articles about the group wanting us to think about love of friends. I understand the Rabbi Aba wrote The Zohar in a concealed manner for historical reasons. But why do we, who want to think about love of friends while reading The Zohar, leave it the way it is and don’t simplify it at least to the level of the Rabash’s articles?

Answer: Suppose I come to an expert and ask him to tune the colors on my computer screen. He sees the display on the screen and says: “Okay, I will tune it, please sit and wait.” I look at him: he enters the “internality” of the computer and starts playing with the pixels and the codes there, which I don’t understand at all. Suddenly I see certain forms on the screen, lines of codes and numbers…”What are you doing? I asked you to make the yellow a bit more yellowish and the white whiter, so why are you dealing with the numbers? I didn’t ask you to do that!”

But since he understands what he has to change exactly, he goes into the level of the forces and defines each force and each vector, and what it should be in relation to the others and thus changes the picture.

You seem to be asking: Why does one Kabbalist write about colors and another about numbers? Each one expresses the same reality in a different way. Actually, the language of numbers, the Reshimot (reminiscences), meaning the language of Kabbalah, as Baal HaSulam says, covers everything. In spirituality there are only forces: the force of receiving, the force of bestowal and the Reshimot. There is nothing else but that.

After that you are already impressed in your own desires, one way or another and another person is impressed differently. The main thing is to record your impressions and each one writes them according to his character. There are “the lyric poets” and there are the “physicists” just like in our world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/12, The Zohar

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