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Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen they established the EU, representatives of the European countries signed endless agreements. The preparations for the union took many years. So what can they do now when the European dream is shattered?

They need to take into account that there are new problems nowadays, and that everyone should agree to correct them. The current events require corrections and updates. The previous measures that were taken are not enough. The world is developing and great changes take place and are reflected in the countries and the economies.

The crisis we see everywhere is reflected on everyone. They want to believe that they can “disperse” and ease the situation, but it isn’t so. They must yearn for connection, and to increasing it.

Eventually, the Europeans will understand this even if it hurts.

Practically, they must cancel all the boundaries in every aspect. Europe must become one sate, in which several peoples live together. They must “cover up” all the differences and become one people.

Nature obliges us to do that. At our current phase of development, we’ve all become mutually connected and there is nowhere to run. It isn’t something someone made up, or some nice idea, but an order from nature and time.

The Europeans will reach that, but we, who have the method for correction, do not participate in this process enough. We must bring our ideas to people, to give out materials and to build sites on the Internet that will provide our materials and explanations. There are going to be uprisings throughout the continent, so are we going to wait until everything is destroyed? Now is the time to wake up and to act.

Even the Arava convention is eventually intended to influence the world. We are only the link, the service staff; we serve the world and the Creator.

Therefore, we have no complaints. The Creator has put the Europeans in the state they are. He is doing His work, but we too have to do ours. This is the only way the desired change will come. But if we fail, they will blame us for all their troubles and they will be right because we are not bringing them the method of correction. Even if they don’t understand that, they feel that we can save them.

Therefore, it is first of all about our inaction. You can hate the rising fascism as much as you want, but the balance of powers depends on us. It also refers to our close neighbors, who have no free will. Ahmadinejad and the Hamas movement are also helpmates. It is time to see things realistically. We mustn’t let go.

In our world and in all the worlds, the Creator gave the Godly part from Above only to Israel, and so we can change the situation and fulfill the correction. It is the Light, of course that performs the action, but Israel evokes it and opens the way for it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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