Europe: Together To Unity Or Separately To War

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On the whole, is our message about mutual guarantee meant for naïve people?

Answer: No. We are offering humanity something that is very concrete: practical changes in society. It isn’t naïve, but very real. According to the law of mutual guarantee, we are all mutually connected. Evolution and progress present this very clearly to us. In the past the connection was weaker, and we lived separately in isolation, but today the system has suddenly become “tight.” The natural condition of our mutual guarantee stems from this: Let’s act according to the new situation. Eventually, our good future depends on this.

What’s naïve about it? On the contrary, here is the key for the correction of human society in every aspect. This is the rescue from all the troubles.

See what’s happening in Europe, and it is only the beginning. What will the Europeans do when winter becomes colder?

The decline is everywhere, including in Germany. A total collapse is expected in Europe if people there don’t accept the fact that we are all connected.

Here they have to act against the old familiar common sense. Everyone thinks that he will manage to isolate himself, to equip himself with the necessary resources, to provide his own energy, food, medicine, and to sit on the sidelines. It won’t work.

On the contrary, everything should be wide open and one whole. If you go against your will and start connecting with others despite all the fears, if you try to connect with everyone else, you will attain the upper force that is concealed in the connection. You will not be able to overcome the crisis if you don’t bring it down to your level.

The current crisis is very different from what we’ve known so far. Today the general European “pie” is divided into different colorful parts, and if every country, despite the external union, continues to isolate itself, the results will be horrible. Members of the EU seem to be considering the option of separating and surviving separately. “If there is pressure, then I will get rid of the collective problem, and return to my currency and manage somehow.” But here they are doomed to fail.

Today Europe must unite into one nation and cancel the boundaries in every area: education, economy, industry, etc. There must be one government responsible for everything. If the Europeans do that, they will receive the upper force form Above that will influence them.

However, without this force, they will not succeed. Even if every nation is strong, problems will come up that will not allow individual countries to provide their own needs. If Germany, for example, cuts itself off from all the others and counts on its own natural resources, it will collapse.

What the Europeans are missing today is the power of unity, the Creator that will descend into them and fill them. This is impossible, as long as they don’t connect. If they want to be smart separately, they will only be smart alecks.

All the problems we see today indicate what is missing. A desire is missing, power, a decision, one “head.” If the EU wants to operate with thirty “heads,” things will be bad. Even if there are several years of prosperity, it will be like in Hitler’s days, from the mid 1930’s onwards, towards the war and the collapse that followed. Today it will happen much faster than in the 30’s. If Europe doesn’t choose connection, it will find itself very close to a world war.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  1. And Russia, what do you think about Russia ?,is Russia a part of Europe and on what basis .Russian nationalism can be dangerous.

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