The Cause Of Natural Disasters

laitman_738Question: I have a question from a child: What caused the natural disasters that led to the mass extinction of animals before human beings showed up on the face of earth? Did they occur because of the selfishness of dinosaurs?

Answer: All processes are pre-determined by a pre-set program, called Beito (in its time), i.e., they are triggered by natural modifications of the matter (desire) at its still, vegetative, and animate levels.

Starting with Adam (5775 years ago) and further on, humans are able to influence matter (desire). They do it either by aspiring to be involved in the growth of the general desire, or, on the contrary, by opposing it.

Kabbalah explains to us what the developmental program of the universal desire is and how we can speed it up. To the extent of the acceleration, we can avoid the pressures of nature and feel similar to the Creator.

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