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Old Age Is A Relative Concept

laitman_766_2Question: Why do people dream of being forever young?

Answer: It is natural that a person strives to preserve youthfulness. But what is more important for him is to hide from the thoughts of his imminent death. Fear of death is very evident even in animals. The animal body does not want to die—it is a natural instinct.

Although animals are not concerned about the question of eternal existence, they are terrified of death. This fear also lives in the human body because it is animal.

Question: I am more concerned not about the thought of death, but about aging. I come to the mirror, see new wrinkles, and realize that old age has come. Why is it so important for the human being to be young?

Answer: It is not old age that distresses a person, but the fact that it means the approach of death. By itself, old age is a relative concept. When I was ten, I saw fifty-year-old people as very old people whose lives has ended. Today, I am seventy, and I like my life. I would not change it to younger age.

I’m getting old, but the question is whether I have realized my purpose in life, and if I have not yet implemented the program and I have built plans for the future.

Comment: But every woman really wants to be young!

Answer: For women it happens differently: the appearance is very important for a woman. A woman will cease to worry about her wrinkles only if she changes her physical beauty to spiritual. This is a completely different beauty – the immense Inner Light (Hochma) that is revealed in a person and the force of active bestowal and love for people that radiates from it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/15

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Eternal Life Is Possible!

Laitman_707Question: What is the secret of eternal youth?

Answer: The secret of eternal youth is to correct one’s nature from egoistic, which forces one to take care only of oneself, to altruistic in order to take care only of others.

It is a totally different approach to life and to people. Anyone who ceases to care about keeping eternal life and youth for oneself and begins to care about others will live forever. Indeed, he becomes similar to the eternal, perfect, infinite Light of life that fills the entire universe.

A person changes his nature to the nature of Light and turns into a channel through which the Light flows to people. He receives Light only in order to convey it to others.

Question: And meanwhile he would not grow old?

Answer: Our whole life is taking place within the biological, animal body, and that is why it is so short. Eternal existence is possible if we develop the force of love and bestowal, which is called the soul.

A person who has received this power feels that he belongs to eternity, to the other reality, the upper world, to the “Garden of Eden.” Therefore, the death of his physical body, this protein matter, does not bother him.

He will have to grow old and die—this is inevitable and always will be. But during his life in this body, a person has the opportunity to reveal his soul, to expand it, and to raise it to such a degree that through his inner force of bestowal and love he will become similar to the Light, the general force of the entire reality, which is called the Creator.

Question: Does this have anything to do with religion?

Answer: This is not connected with religion at all and is available to any person from any part of the world. Human life is not limited to the physical body, which is sooner or later destined to grow old and die. This material life is given to us as a lucky chance to find and develop one’s own soul during the existence of this body.

The average person feels everything through his body, and therefore it is important whether it is young or old or how many wrinkles it has. Here we are talking about developing beyond one’s biological, protein material, animal body, to another body—spiritual, that is, the desire to bestow and to love, to care about others.

This desire is called the spiritual body or soul. During this life in a physical body we have the opportunity to develop the spiritual body—the desire to bestow. Thus, we gradually move with all our thoughts, intentions, feelings in the spiritual body and begin to identify ourselves with the soul.

Despite the fact that our physical body lives in this world just like everyone else, our spiritual body becomes more important for us. We are concerned with the soul and develop it and attach less and less importance to the physical body until it disappears from our field of attention.

We do not feel its physical death, as people of this world. And there comes a time when we totally separate from that body because we have nothing else to do with it. Indeed, we have developed our soul and through it feel the existence within the force of bestowal and love, the Upper Light that fills the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/15

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Israelis And Jews

Laitman_421_01Question: Is there a difference between Israelis and Jews?

Answer: Yes, and a very big difference! Israelis are those who live in this country, even though they could be against it, cursing its existence or envious of those living abroad. Israelis are a special breed of Jews, who were born and grew up here, and they feel free. Those who come to Israel from other countries don’t feel that way. They feel deprived in some way.

But native Israelis are not deprived in any way really, and even if they feel that the world puts  pressure on them, they don’t accept it—the sensation of inner freedom remains with them. They are not afraid or ashamed of anything that a Jew who returns from a country of exile would be compelled to hide. There are great differences between them in their approaches to life and the world.

A Jew who is a born Israeli is more natural and open, and appears to be naive. On the other hand, those who were born and lived in other countries  are constantly performing all sorts of calculations: this we can do, this we cannot, and to what extent. Local people do not have such calculations; they are more direct.

Nonetheless, the new generation of those born in Israel but raised by parents who were immigrants are not yet completely devoid of the exile. Therefore, they are more complex on the inside. They have a greater inner need for self-assertiveness than Israelis. They understand and feel a need to possess knowledge, power, achievements, and are not satisfied with high school education. They need diplomas, titles, and awards. All of this was passed on to them from their parents since for a Jew growing up in other countries knowledge was their only luggage.
From KabTV’s “Talks with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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How Does The Group Change Us?

laitman_626Opinion ( “Collective intelligence (the mind of the hive) is a concept that was born from observations of the behavior of ants and bees. The idea gained popularity and became useful among experts in human resources.

“Freud:’It seems to be enough with a large mass of people for the moral achievements of the constituent individuals to dissipate, and in their place will remain only the most primitive psychological tendencies’.

“The crowd is nourished by the ‘self’ of every person, swallows and digests it, and from this is born the soul of the crowd, it forces them to regress by activating the lower strata of the mind. When swallowed by collective feelings, we don’t have any more responsibility for anything; we are allowed to do anything. It is enough to recall the riots of soccer fans; the group is what transforms us into wild animals, and not soccer!

“In organized collectives, in the army, in religious groups, the clouding of the mind takes place quickly. We feel ourselves as brothers and fall into the captivity of collective fantasies, abandoning personal desire. The concepts of good and evil cease to exist. This explains how Germany, which gave birth to philosophers, musicians and writers, sank into the Nazi insanity. Neither education nor a high level of culture will ensure that a person won’t fall under the control of the masses, even in our day.

“When we gather in a group, we easily lose independence and judgment, and become fools. So that this won’t happen, a collective needs a goal, a sincere desire to attain something, to discover the desire. This has nothing in common with the stupidity and herd instinct of the crowd! The creative energy of the group operates there, where we complement and appreciate each other’s skills and capacities for action. When we cooperate and realize our abilities in the framework of the group, when our voice is not swallowed by the noise of the crowd, then the collective intelligence appears.”

My Comment: This is possible only when the” conditions of group unity” that Rabash gave us are realized. In this  case what happens is a collective and personal ascent above the egoism of each and of everyone, and instead of the creation of a collective ego (Fascism); what happens is the creation of a collective feeling of mutual influence and collective intelligence (the birth of the soul).

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The Truth About The Boycott Of Israel, Part 7

laitman_936Simply open the tap: This is the reason for anti-Semitism, because of which people all over the world instinctively feel hostility toward us. However, likewise, if we change, then the hostility instinctively will change into sympathy.

Everything depends on the connection between us, for this is what specifically conveys the abundance through us to the world. We are a conduit—a transitional link. Through the quality of our mutual connection, we apparently open or close the tap in the middle of the pipe that passes from above to below.

And so, we don’t need to deal with the problems of the peoples. It is enough to open the tap between us, to unite, and then all good and abundance will begin to stream downward through the pipe. It is impossible to change this structure in any way, because this has been our fate for thousands of years.
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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The World Management: A Circle Or A Vector?

Laitman_931-01Baal HaSulam, “Building the Future Society”: Jewry must give the nations something new; it is what they expect from the return of Israel to their land. It is not other teachings, as in that we never innovated and were always their disciples. Rather, it is the wisdom of religion, justice, and peace. In this, most nations are our disciples, and this wisdom is attributed to us alone.

Question: We have long felt and understood that governments have lost the power to govern and that the world is nearing chaos. The ego has fully erupted and it lacks the necessary restraining force.

Answer: Governments have never run the world, but this is becoming increasingly more evident since the world has become integral and closed. On the other hand, governments, being individualistic, are not a closed integral circle, and so we encounter the contradiction between a circle and a vector. It is impossible to run the world by a vector today. It is impossible to knowingly affect something specific in the world since it is all mutually connected.

Therefore, when you affect something with the intention to do good, this action can lead to a positive effect, but because the system was locked 40 to 60 years ago, you can cause harm to the entire system when you affect a certain part, and then the effect can be very unpleasant. We don’t know where and why this happens. In other words, the government doesn’t know that if it affects a certain place positively, there can be a negative effect in another place, and they will not understand why.

A person needs to be on the level of this system in order to manage it today, to have the upper mind, which means to be a Kabbalist, and not just an ordinary Kabbalist. This means that we don’t speak about the local system but about the global system. If something is wrong in one country, it is reflected not only in that country but all over the world as well because the system has become analog, closed, round, and the entire world is connected.

Our planet is a small village. Today, we cannot affect something specifically and receive accurate concrete outcomes. We cannot study society or the world because everything in these systems is mutually connected, and we know nothing about that. The world is developing continuously in many aspects and is suddenly locked, while we, on the other hand, cannot perceive this locked state with our current attributes, desires, and thoughts in order to incorporate it inside us and study it. We cannot build a model of the integral world inside us. In order to do that, we must ascend to the level of the new world, which means to build a model in which we connect and unite.

Ten or a hundred people can do that. It makes no difference. If they succeeded in uniting into such a general common whole and understand how the integral system is built, they could affect the world in a positive manner. This is actually the kind of unity Baal HaSulam calls for. Then everything we do in this world will have a positive effect.

Question: What does “Judaism must give the nation something new” mean?

Answer: It is all about spiritual definitions and discernments. The method of unity called the wisdom of Kabbalah is also called the wisdom of truth and the Light of the Torah. This means that it is a manual that enables people to ascend to the integral level and to connect. The people who are guided by this method and who try to attain unity are called “Yehudi,” stemming from the Hebrew word, “Yihud” (unity), or the Jews, stemming from the Hebrew word “Ever” (to transcend). This is why Abraham was called Abraham-Ivry, the Hebrew. Israel means following the direction of Yashar El (Straight to God), straight to the upper force, the attribute of love, bestowal, and mutual unity. All this refers to the one and only action of uniting and seeing the world through our unity. Then we all will relate to the world properly and receive the right responses from it.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/18/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.22.15

Writings of Baal HaSulam “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 16

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Talmud Eser Sefirot Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 35  

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Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Peace,” “The Wheel of Transformation of the Form”

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