The Secret Of The Passage To Eternal Life

laitman_744The most important thing for us is to realize ourselves in the correct form in this world. And to realize our destiny means to sacrifice this entire world, that is, our egoism, everything that we aspire to in our world, and make it so the feeling of the upper world is the most important thing for us, and to be able to exchange this world with the upper world.

Although this world does not disappear, we do not chase all the temptations and fulfillments it offers anymore. They stop being the goal of our existence. We want to exchange perceptions of the world and attain the upper reality.

When I intend to do something, what am I paying attention to first? It is to the most important things to me, and I don’t relate to what is not important to me. I don’t even feel it. As it is said, a cat sees only the mouse and does not pay attention to the beautiful world that surrounds it.

Therefore each person sees something different (else), meaning, each ones sees the world differently; the order of priorities that can fulfill us and our sensations, is different for each one.

Therefore, I must reach such a level that I’ll stop paying attention to this world, although all my vessels of absorption will remain: vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Instead of all these I’ll see only the quality of bestowal, love, and connection between all the details. And then I’ll reveal the Creator, because He is the single connecting force of nature.

However, meanwhile, I’m not paying attention to the connection between all the details of nature. I am interested in a completely opposite action, to take for myself as much as possible. This egoistic inclination is opposite to the quality of bestowal, connection, mutuality, love, the qualities of the Creator. And because of that I am not able to reveal this force.

Therefore, I must make all kinds of actions that will direct me to look for this connecting force, similar to scientists who want to reveal it. I do the same thing; I am a researcher. And it’s not religion; it’s the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore, I look for this single force that connects, fulfills, and moves everything to one goal, from the beginning to the end according to a certain plan.

I want to know what the secret of death is. Does it exist or not? If I look at this topic from the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, I don’t understand at all what death is. Is it a change of one desire into another desire: the desire to receive into the desire to bestow?

The question of life and death is a critical question and subconsciously worries many people. It is possible to explain it only partially, to leave it in secret, in order to attract them forward and hint by that, that here is the solution for overcoming death and passing to eternity. This will give a person the possibility to understand the greatness of his existence.

Do I perceive the world through my beastly body, through my five senses that exist in me? However, the truth is that the body does not exist. There are only the five senses that give me the feeling of the world and of the self, sensing in it. With this approach, it is quite easy to ignore this world. It would not be terrible if I would not be in it, and this world itself would not exist; it disappears, and that’s it.

We have an opportunity to exit to the eternal existence. There is no death; there is only transition, the exchange of ten Sefirot. Now, I exist in the feeling of existence that is called my minimal ten Sefirot, and inside them I feel this world, myself, and everything that surrounding me.

Let’s assume that a person dies. What is his death? His death means that all his ten Sefirot are emptied, and instead of Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut, or vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, nothing is left. What remains is information called Reshimo.

Later, this Reshimo transfers to another biological body and begins to realize itself in it. The next point joins it, a new level of desire, (Aviut, coarseness), and what is called Adam (Man) grows with this desire and realizes them.

The Reshimo develops under the influence of the Light at the same level, at the same plateau. It can continue until man himself will want to rise to the next degree, or under the influence of beatings because the Light will raise him all the time (we see what happens in the generations) or under the self-aspiration of the person to rise to the next degree.

The rise to the next degree means that, instead of receiving a small amount of Light that is called “our life,” man begins to receive a special Light that formats him differently and raises him from an inner perception in his minimal ten Sefirot to the exterior perception.

Obviously then the problem of self-existence disappears. If you exchange the means of self-perception to outside of yourself, then outside of you is the volume that exists constantly as if you spread inside it, and your existence becomes eternal and endless. With it disappears the feeling of inferiority, the sense that you lack something as in the current five senses. The Upper Light will pass through to others.

If the problem of existence in the world is constantly to draw, to absorb, to the interior, the energy and knowledge through this world, the problem of existence in the next level, the higher, is to transfer the energy, the force of vitality, through you to the entire world and to feel that the world needs you constantly.

That’s it. Here, there are no problems with life and death. People need to understand that, in principle, there is no other way, and from this path, from this purpose, one cannot escape. To the contrary, in front of us stands a wonderful opportunity of eternal life.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/20/13

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