Each One Of Us Is A Representative Of All Of Humanity

laitman_929Question: How is it possible to reach correction if we leave the influence of the group and immediately fall into the corporeal, beastly existence?

Answer: The group must help a person. It’s possible that I am in such a decline that I am not able to connect to the group by myself—that I feel hatred and rejection concerning the group and I neglect the friends.

However, if I have a group in which I previously invested, if I tried to install it in the correct orderso that everyone would help each other and would immediately lift up those who fell, then they also will worry about me when I fall.

Question: How do you strengthen the group so it never leaves a person?

Answer: It is impossible that a person will never disconnect from the work, won’t forget the friends, and won’t curse everyone, including the Creator. It’s impossible that he will not think that he is insignificant and that everyone else are nothing as well. You must go through all the states. You will not succeed going through this path in a smooth way and avoid feeling all of this.

You have to dive into your ego, feel it, and go through all the discernments, and then, later, you will begin to become integrated with the others, and the exile must be four hundred years, four levels that one must pass within the desire to receive. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have anything to correct, and how would one reach the summit?

You are in front of Mount Sinai, and you must raise above all that hatred (Sina) in order to reach the Creator. Don’t be afraid. If you have a teacher, group, studies, a general connection, and dissemination, then you need not be afraid. However, if you are missing any element, that is already a problem, and this is because, at the end of each process, there needs to be the goal to delight the Creator. It is impossible if you don’t connect all the components together and make from them the basis for your bestowal to the Creator

Question: Desires constantly grow. Will they be corrected all at once or will the correction take place gradually, portion after portion?

Answer: The correction takes place gradually in small portions. We progress toward correction gradually because it is hard for us to agree to these changes. We are not able to execute them all at once, and in addition there must be a mixture between feelings and intellect, which corrects them and connects them to each other.

We must go through all of this together. In order to reach Malchut, you must also connect the history, your inner development, and all the souls that existed before you. You must pass through the entire process, and at the end of it you turn into a messenger who represents the huge desire, a huge balloon, with one point above, which is you who is connecting the whole Kli (Vessel) with the Creator.

You become the representative of the whole of humanity, and that’s the intention: that you correct the entire Malchut on your part, concerning yourself, and thus, each one does. So each one, for himself, attains the entire Malchut. Each soul attains the entire creation from one end to the other.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/14, Writings of Rabash

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