The Eternal Dilemma: To Be Rich Or Happy

laitman_546_02From Rabash “Yenika (feeding) and Ibur (Impregnation)”: And the person must believe that before he is born, meaning before the descent of the soul into the body, the soul adhered with Him be He blessed, and now it yearns to return and adhere, as it was before its descent.

The soul was in adhesion with the Creator because there was a single complete Kli, all of whose parts were connected and whole. The single Upper Light filled them equally in a state of “He is one and His name is one” (Zechariah 14:9).

This state is most permanent, stable and secure; it is the foundation of all of creation. And therefore after the shattering, the vessel was fractured into a multitude of pieces and each one of the pieces yearns to return to that connection. For now they have become parts; they cannot feel fulfillment and always feel deficiency. In this world there is no happiness, fulfillment, and true wholeness, and perfection cannot be. This is because each one is only part of the system, and as long as the system is not whole, deficiencies and problems will always be discovered in it. And that is how it will be until the end of correction.

So each and every part, every person, subconsciously yearns to connect with others. This tendency and inclination is discovered gradually according to the development of the person. Ultimately, the necessity of connection is discovered because we can reach wholeness only in this way.

But for this it is necessary to win the struggle between my yearning for wholeness and connection and my ego that wants to dominate. And connection can only be between equals. So I need to decide what to choose—this or that. But we cannot resolve this inner dilemma.

Until the end of correction we will be found in such an inner crisis. On the one hand, I want wholeness, which can be felt only through integral connection, equality, the general inclusion of everyone. On the other hand, I want to dominate! This may be a connection, but it is one where I dominate and not all are equal and integrally connected.

Therefore, humanity constantly fluctuates, sometimes to one side and sometimes to the other side. And that is how it will always continue until we reach complete recognition of evil.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/14, Writings of Rabash

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