How Power Is Dangerous

In the News (from “Why do people in power clearly display tyranny, obstinacy and mental instability? The answer is simple: a slight feeling of superiority over others might have a significant impact on all of us.

“We all notice how almost instantly the people appointed to high office become transformed. They are impatient and demanding. Any, even minor progress on the career ladder may radically change their behavior. The tone of their voice rises, and they become harsh and arrogant. Like all of us, they have no doubt about being right.

“In receiving power over others, we feel our superior. Our desires become higher than the rules of decency and behavior, less ethical. A sense of authority allows us to behave noisily and leave a mess.

“From this moment we stop understanding the feelings of others and ignore their efforts. All decisions are made independently and self-confidently, especially in cases when the fate of hundreds or thousands of people depend on this.”

My Comment: Therefore, Kabbalah encourages allowing only corrected people to “steer,” those who are free from personal selfish purposes. It was like that in the ancient kingdom of Israel during the First and Second Temples when the whole population and especially the sages who managed it were in the state of revelation of the Creator, which kept everyone above his egoism.

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