Eternal Life Is Possible!

Laitman_707Question: What is the secret of eternal youth?

Answer: The secret of eternal youth is to correct one’s nature from egoistic, which forces one to take care only of oneself, to altruistic in order to take care only of others.

It is a totally different approach to life and to people. Anyone who ceases to care about keeping eternal life and youth for oneself and begins to care about others will live forever. Indeed, he becomes similar to the eternal, perfect, infinite Light of life that fills the entire universe.

A person changes his nature to the nature of Light and turns into a channel through which the Light flows to people. He receives Light only in order to convey it to others.

Question: And meanwhile he would not grow old?

Answer: Our whole life is taking place within the biological, animal body, and that is why it is so short. Eternal existence is possible if we develop the force of love and bestowal, which is called the soul.

A person who has received this power feels that he belongs to eternity, to the other reality, the upper world, to the “Garden of Eden.” Therefore, the death of his physical body, this protein matter, does not bother him.

He will have to grow old and die—this is inevitable and always will be. But during his life in this body, a person has the opportunity to reveal his soul, to expand it, and to raise it to such a degree that through his inner force of bestowal and love he will become similar to the Light, the general force of the entire reality, which is called the Creator.

Question: Does this have anything to do with religion?

Answer: This is not connected with religion at all and is available to any person from any part of the world. Human life is not limited to the physical body, which is sooner or later destined to grow old and die. This material life is given to us as a lucky chance to find and develop one’s own soul during the existence of this body.

The average person feels everything through his body, and therefore it is important whether it is young or old or how many wrinkles it has. Here we are talking about developing beyond one’s biological, protein material, animal body, to another body—spiritual, that is, the desire to bestow and to love, to care about others.

This desire is called the spiritual body or soul. During this life in a physical body we have the opportunity to develop the spiritual body—the desire to bestow. Thus, we gradually move with all our thoughts, intentions, feelings in the spiritual body and begin to identify ourselves with the soul.

Despite the fact that our physical body lives in this world just like everyone else, our spiritual body becomes more important for us. We are concerned with the soul and develop it and attach less and less importance to the physical body until it disappears from our field of attention.

We do not feel its physical death, as people of this world. And there comes a time when we totally separate from that body because we have nothing else to do with it. Indeed, we have developed our soul and through it feel the existence within the force of bestowal and love, the Upper Light that fills the entire universe.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/15

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