The Secret Of Eternal Life

Laitman_720Question: Where does the force of love, due to which we exist, come from, from the earth or from the sun?

Answer: The force of life is called “Light,” and it comes from everywhere, from all of nature. We exist within this field.

But since we are egoists and want to receive only for our own benefit, we can absorb from it just a tiny spark of life, the minimum force that supports our physical animal existence. All of nature is filled with the energy of life, but our egoistic desire allows us to absorb from it only a minute portion that can revitalize our body for a limited time.

While a person is young, he is able to extract more vitality from nature. And as he ages, he becomes increasingly tired and gets less and less vital energy, until it dries up completely.

Question: Everyone dreams of revealing the secret of eternal youth; why does one get tired?

Answer: Because people do not know the secret that allows you to live forever. The secret is that a person must correct himself, become similar to the upper force of nature—such as giving and loving. Then he will be able to receive more life energy.

This life energy is unlimited and is called the Light of Infinity. And only we egoists limit our abilities to receive it by wishing to use it for our own benefit, and therefore we receive only a tiny spark of life from this endless source.

A person seemingly stands near a rapidly flowing river and scoops out energy from it with a small cup  to support his life. While he is young, he still manages to scoop up something. But then he gets older, becomes tired, and he does not have enough strength to get this vital energy for himself.

But he himself can become similar to this flow of Light and exist within it. Humanity has not yet revealed this secret. This patent is intended for everyone, but we must reveal it gradually. We need to be ready for it and be developed enough to understand how to use it.

After all, for this we will need to rise above our nature, which is completely egoistic and aimed at receiving, consuming, and filling oneself.

Here, a person has to switch to the opposite approach in order to receive only what is necessary for his body and to have no other worries about himself, but only to take care of how to convey this great Light of life to all of humanity.

I am beginning to think not about myself but about all the others, and thus become like the upper force, the Light of life. Then I go into it as if into a river and become as eternal and perfect.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/15

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  1. Very nice….and a very worthy, although difficult, aspiration. It is sad to think about and feel, the huge gap between the two.

  2. it is an interesting point but it is a big mystery though God Allah is a truth. May be our material nature is unable to understand it. But after death when we return to our real spiritual nature we will be able to understand the absolute truth?

  3. I dreamt that YaHaWasHi was telling me that we know the secret of eternal life.
    Yochanan aka John 3;16
    For YaHuWaH so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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