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The Basic Law Of Nature—Unity

Laitman_703_04Question: A society must be united like organs in a body. Is this a socialist or a capitalist law?

Answer: This law has nothing to do with socialism or capitalism but simply stems from nature. Nature obliges all of mankind to be connected in order to provide everyone with a normal standard of living, security, and success.

Society must be mutually connected in a good and harmonious way. It is clear to any rational person that everyone would be better off in such a society, both socialists and capitalists would agree to that. Inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature exist in absolute harmony and cooperation, and mankind must achieve the same harmony.

The only problem is the human egoism that stands in our way of living a happy life. Egoism pushes everyone to be proud and try to be above others. Instead of investing in society and receiving from it only what one needs, like the organs of the body that operate harmoniously, everyone tries to dominate others in order to give the least and receive the most. Egoism is a special force that is typical of mankind, and this is what stands in our way of being mutually connected and united, and thus it ruins human society.

All of nature is perfectly balanced, although we don’t see, understand, or feel that. The only force that disrupts the balance is the force of the human ego that wishes to dominate the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and even other humans, and actually the entire world! People have built different types of societies throughout history, and our ego disrupted the balance in them over and over again and led to different new forms: slavery, the dark Middle Ages, capitalism and even more modern social forms. However, each time, egoism always disrupted the good relations between people and brought the end of a particular regime.

A divided society is like divided organs in a living body, which bring about its death. Life can only be when unity is maintained.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/9/15, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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Everything Depends On Unity

laitman_557Question: Let’s suppose that some community is able to unite and organize into an integral system. How will this reflect on the world? Will everyone else be able to follow in their footsteps?

Answer: The world will have no other choice. Everyone can see what we are facing now. We have reached a state where the nature of this world has become integral and global and urgently demands our respective participation.

The still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature are locked into a single system, and they have no problems between them since nature controls them strictly without any freedom of choice from their side.

Yet, nature treats us differently. It forces us through strict influences to realize that we are acting incorrectly, egoistically, i.e., the vector is towards oneself (alone), while we need to build a correct system of interaction between us that will resemble nature itself: completely closed, integral, and global.

As soon as we enter that state, nature will begin to treat us in a positive manner, showing us how to interact and keep going forward. Everything depends on the unity between us.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/18/15

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Our Society Needs Urgent Treatment

laitman_565_01Baal HaSulam, the newspaper “The Nation”: We humans are social beings, because we cannot satisfy our vital needs without assistance from others.

This is actually typical of man, as opposed to the animate level. Animals can usually take care of themselves and succeed in life.

It says that “a day old calf is called an ox.” Animal cubs develop very quickly and are ready for life after a couple of weeks. They can manage by themselves and live independently. This is true for all living things except for man. A human baby usually cannot manage and live without the help of grownups during the first 10-15 years of his life.

That is why the involvement of many people in a child’s life is a precondition for its existence. Therefore individuals were compelled to unite into a single community called a “people” or a “nation.” Each engages in one’s own trade, some in agriculture, and some in artisanship. They connect through trading of their products. Thus, the nations were made each with its unique nature, both in material life and in cultural life. Observing life, we see that the process of a nation is just as the process of an individual.

The functioning of each person within the nation is like the functioning of the organs in a single body. There must be complete harmony among the organs of each person—the eyes see and the brain is assisted by them to think and to consult, and then the hands work or fight, and the legs walk. Thus, each stands on its guard and awaits its role. Similarly, the organs that comprise the body of the nation—counselors, employers, workers, deliverers, etc.—should function in complete harmony among them. This is necessary for the nation’s normal life and for a secured existence.

Question: But why don’t I feel this harmony in our society?

Answer: This harmony doesn’t exist, but Baal HaSulam writes about what should be. A society has to exist like a healthy body in which all the organs operate in coordination with one another and in general harmony sustaining the body in the optimal manner. This is also how the connections between people of the same nation or the same country should be so that each one functions and works and thus provides society with what he can and receives from the society to the extent that the society can give him. Then we will lead a good life.

If a society wishes to be healthy, it has to keep the laws that operate in a healthy body. Everything depends on the connection between the organs or the parts of the nation. If the connections are bad, the body is ill and feels worse and worse until the connections disappear completely and the body dies. The same thing happens in the society: if bad connections operate in it, the society becomes ill until it disappears in various ways. Human history teaches us that when the connections between members of a certain society are weak, that society is doomed to extinction. This nation simply steps down from the stage of history. This is the reason that we have to urgently take care of the health of our nation.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/9/15, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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The Gradual Nature Of The Educational Process

laitman_281_01(From the book: I. P. Ivano, A Link in an Endless Chain): In the first (preliminary) stage, the educational process is the self-education of the educators (mutual and personal).

  1. The motivating force is concern for the education of every educator (First of all that of the director of the educational staff) for himself and the other educators, as members of the educational staff, and so their concern for students is indirect in the meantime.

This stage is the beginning of the development of the educational staff, a time of preliminary “internal” preparation, of preparation of the educational staff for work with students.

  1. The second period (the transitional period) is a period of consolidating the two links of the educational process: self-education of the educators (continued and deepening) and the education of the students by the educators.

Here a new motivating force is active: indirect educational concern (overt and covert) of the educators for the students. The educational staff already acts indirectly as a nucleus.

  1. The third (main) stage is the period of the three links of the educational process: the self-education of the educators (continuing and deepening), the education of the students by the educators (continuing and deepening) and the self-education of the students (mutual and personal).

To the two forces that were active in the educational process before then, is added an educational concern that is produced by them and is concealed most of the time, the concern of the students for each other and each one for himself. This stage is the longest.

  1. The fourth (final) stage is the stage of the consolidation of the four links of the educational process: the self-education of the educators (continuing and deepening) the education of the students by the educators (continuing and deepening), the self-education of the students (continuing and deepening) and the education of the educators by the students, the addition of concealed and educational concern of the students for the educators.

In the foundation of this concern is found the unity of respect and meticulousness of the students in regard to the educators, as adult friends, according to general creative concern.

My Comment: And I think that the entire process, to arrive at its logical conclusion must go through these four phases of existence.

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The Spirit Of Jealousy

laitman_224The Torah, “Numbers” 5:14: But a spirit of jealousy had come upon him and he became jealous of his wife, and she be defiled, or, a spirit of jealousy had come upon him and he was jealous of his wife, and she be not defiled.

A person makes great efforts to be connected to the Creator by his desires that are aimed at the goal. When he enters the next level of Ibur (gestation) he thinks that he can hold on in this state, but suddenly something tragic happens and he falls. He already enters the next level, the upper Partzuf and suddenly he falls because some of his desires have become detached from the right intention. There is nothing you can do here but examine your desires.

Comment: It turns out that everything in this world stems from spiritual roots?

Answer: Nothing in this world can be any other way! What is more, our world is very flat.

There are different states in the spiritual world, including jealousy and embezzlement. A person uses anything he can for his spiritual ascent. Nothing happens in vain in this process, while in our world a man may kill himself and his woman because of his jealousy. If a couple are partners in a certain search and suddenly she is physically attracted to another man, she detaches herself from the general idea, from the mutual yearning to her man and he cannot attain the goal that they have set for themselves without her.

It turns out that she has betrayed their common motion and has totally killed his state, but without her it is impossible to fulfill the spiritual correction because she is half of the common Partzuf.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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The Truth About The Boycott Of Israel, Part 4

laitman_940In the future, the world will recognize the evil spirit into which it is sinking, humanity will discover that it has no means for correcting the situation, and the nations of the world will also feel in their subconscious that the people of Israel have a solution. From here is the inner drive to boycott and the desire to blame us for all of their problems.

The basis for this is latent in every person, in every people, in every organization, and in every nation. It is impossible to deceive ourselves about the illusion of the dark period that must be passed through on the way to brighter times. As it continues, it will only get worse. I have been talking already about this for many years. The world is sinking into a general crisis that encompasses education, culture, the economy, and politics, and now we are standing on the threshold of tremendous and incessant pressure from all sides. We feel ourselves as a fortress that is under siege, and our only weapon is unity.

This is possible by means of the Kabbalistic method that teaches us how to connect with each other in tens, in hundreds, in thousands, and in millions. All of the people of Israel must go through this integral or Kabbalistic study. It is not that important what we call it. At the time of our formation and coming into existence, we obligated ourselves to be as one person with one heart. If we consolidate this way between us, all the higher forces that manage us immediately will begin to soften and mollify, and we will feel changes without pause.

Let’s begin to unite in circles in the right way and then immediately in our relationships within the nation, in our relationships with our neighbors, including Hamas and the like, and in the relationships with all the nations of the world that all will begin to soften. So, it seems obvious what kind of a weapon we have in our hands. It is not deadly, but good. It brings life. It is a weapon for the struggle with our egoism, with our nature, and not with people.

So, I turn to the people of Israel. Let us accept the approaching stages with an understanding that they are designed to awaken us to the right development, to unity. If we would begin to realize it until reaching “Love your neighbor as yourself,” then immediately what has been attained between us would spread all over the world through underground connections unseen by the eye, through which we are connected with each other, and the good results of our efforts will not be late in being discovered.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.19.15

Writings of Rabash “Rungs of the Ladder,” “Concerning Above Reason”

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