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The Revolution Of The 21st Century: Wealth And Poverty In Israeli Society

laitman_559(Continued from the “Revolution Of The 21st Century: Rich Man, Poor Man”)

We have not passed those stages that bourgeois capitalist regimes have passed in other countries. Generally, the period of our two-thousand year exile affected the nations quite differently.

We always sat in the corner, unable to raise our heads. And because our values were determined by studying the Torah, a “wise disciple” was prized most highly, even if he did not have a penny.

Then, 200 to 300 years ago, a new period began, and there were all sorts of Rothschilds. True, in the beginning, they were few in number, but about 150 years ago, access to European universities was opened to the Jews, and that allowed them to acquire various professions.

In short, we have not gone entirely through the process through which the world has gone, and suddenly we found ourselves in Israel where we live like those in all the capitalist countries of the West. We learn from them, adopt their experience of governance, and build the same formats that were given to them by centuries of development. But we were going the other way.

Moreover, our society is very diverse. It is woven from a patchwork gathered from west and east, from various places, even from Africa. Every sector has its approach, its own culture, its customs, and these differences are rooted in our genes. Children born in families of immigrants from different countries adopt the genetic heritage of their ancestors.

In general, we are talking about the egoistic desire that is growing in a special way from generation to generation. Willy-nilly, I inherited a certain package of qualities from my parents whom I may barely remember.

As a result, today we are faced with, for our people, an unprecedented phenomena that never characterized it. We have created a modern capitalist society, and, at the same time, we look at ourselves through the eyes of our ancestors who once lived in exile. From Morocco and Yemen, Russia and Europe, we have brought here [Israel] very colorful cultural and educational baggage.

After all, there we still “cooked in the juices” of relations between Jews, not like here. There, in any case, we did not forget about our Jewishness, our traditions, and our small community.

Here, all locks are removed; there are no boundaries. Past traditions and norms of behavior are violated. Everything is allowed: lie to others, use them, and so on.

Previously, among the nations of the world, we always helped each other. Was it possible to leave a Jewish child in the lurch? Anyone unfortunate was given family and shelter. However, this is abroad. Here, the old laws do not apply.

So, in Israel, we are going through the same process that took the West hundreds of years to undergo, and it is not surprising that there is a hatred of the rich who do not take us into account in anything. They are ready to plunge us into survival mode if only we allow them to earn more and more. And they can do nothing about this because egoism continues to operate.

It turns out that we are in a period similar to the days preceding the French Revolution. Moreover, the elite simply are unable to behave differently.

As a consequence, the people’s hatred of the rich will grow, but they still will not be able to share what they have amassed. While many are wealthy, the country is poor, so the problem will be exacerbated further.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/14/15

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Einstein: Good Or Bad?

laitman_629_3Question: How do we grow a new Einstein?

Answer: It does not depend on us, and it is unlikely that we need it. Mr. Einstein didn’t do anything good for us; moreover, he helped build the atomic bomb and told us that there are properties in our world that we cannot understand.

It would have been better if he and the rest of the nuclear physicists had done nothing. We would survive well without nuclear power and certainly without the atomic bomb. Therefore, we do not need an Einstein or a generation of spiritual leaders.

I believe that the science of the 20th century did not benefit mankind, but not to deny its achievements, science did quite a lot. However, in fact, almost all of it has turned against us. Of course, we aren’t working as hard as before. We have washing machines to replace the hard work of washerwomen. Huge companies manufacture semi-finished products, and we are ready to buy food that only needs to be heated up in the microwave.

This is all clear, but what does this give us? What do we do with the remaining time that we have? We fill ourselves with even more worries, and as a result we are depleting the earth of its natural resources.

I don’t see that people have become happier in our century. People used to listen to music, went to the theater, were interested in literature and read thick novels. Today, a person can read only two lines and can’t read more. If the first few minutes of a film doesn’t catch his interest, he turns the television off.

How did it come to this? In what way is a person happier today than he was a century ago? In the fact that now he doesn’t work so hard? But what is it that relieved him from work?

It turns out that the “Einsteins” brought us nothing but harm, although they were good people.

Despite the fact that I love science and strongly welcome it, I cannot say that science mixes with the selfishness of man. Einstein turning out an evil bomb is not good. Therefore, we must correct man first, and then develop science. Otherwise, we will develop it to our own detriment.

I would gladly go back one hundred years and instead of science, introduce compulsory integral education for everyone. Only to the extent that it could help mankind would I allow people to develop science. Then science would benefit humanity. As a result of integral education, a person must come to feel the whole world and that it is one single unit. Then his research would never have resulted in the creation of the bomb. He simply could not do anything harmful to us, the same way as any man who aspires to do what is useful.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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Jewish Holidays: A Cycle Of Correction

laitman_744Question: Why are there so many Jewish holidays?

Answer: Really there aren’t that many. Everything is derived from the fact that every day is new, every month is new, every year is new, and every hour is new for a person! These seemingly astronomical changes are, in fact, internal, spiritual. All matter results from changes among the spiritual forces that influence our world, and so changes appear among the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and us.

In other words, the reason for all of the changes is the rotation of the Sefirot through which the Light passes. The Light influences and acts on our universe and the result is the matter in our world. So if a person wants to be connected with the entire creation, every moment is of immense value for him. Besides that, he can divide every moment within it into a multitude of moments. This means that the possibility exists for one second to come alive for him! And in this way he expands himself.

The Jewish holidays are characterized by giving us a sensation of uniqueness to every moment in time, in every Sefira that participates in the passage of Light. So every moment is unique, and especially the holidays are the general significance of a period of transition. There are three big holidays that are derived from the spiritual level: Pesach (Passover), Shavuot, and Sukkot, which are called Raglaim (feet), which are when people went to Jerusalem.

Tisha B’Av (9th of Av) symbolizes the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (Temple), meaning the revelation of great egoism that is later corrected during all the rest of the holidays. Because of the force of Tisha B’Av, it is placed against all the rest of the holidays, so its intensity is huge.

In contrast to Tisha B’Av, at the other end of this cycle, is the holiday of Purim. Besides this, there are a few other related minor holidays: Chanukah and Lag Ba’Omer.

We indicate the beginning of every month according to the cycle of the rotation of the moon, for our cosmic and spiritual state depends upon two luminaries: the moon and the sun. So the Hebrew calendar is constructed according to the cycles of the rotation of the sun and the moon, between which is the Earth, while the Christian calendar considers only the rotation of the sun and the Muslim calendar considers only the rotation of the moon.

The Jewish New Year is the beginning of human correction because this holiday symbolizes the birth of Adam HaRishon (the First Man), from which we begin our calculation. The birth of Adam is the birth of the human because Adam was the first to discover the Creator and to begin to resemble Him. So the beginning of the year for us is a spiritual holiday.

The goal of the cycle of the holidays is that the most “frightening” of the holidays, which is Tisha B’Av, will become the greatest holiday in the world, when all of the evil will be gathered together and defeated by the good.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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Anyone Can Be A Jew

Laitman_509Question: I am not Jewish by birth. Will I be able to attain the wisdom of Kabbalah? I presume that I am starting to become Jewish to the extent that the Light comes near me, in the spiritual sense, of course, but this is only a presumption.

Answer: You are right. A Jew is someone who feels that he yearns to transcend this world and reach the upper world (it is called upper since it doesn’t operate according to the property of receiving, according to egoism but according to the attribute of bestowal). The root of “transcend” – “Ever” in Hebrew stems from the same root as the word “Hebrew” – “Ivrit,” a Jew.

The word “Jew” – “Yehudi”  stems from the word “unity” – “Yichud.”  The word “Israel” stems from the words “Yashar-El,” which means aiming straight to the Creator. Everything depends only on what a person yearns for. Jews are not a nation but an ideological group of people. This is the reason that anyone can be a Jew!

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Communism: Utopia Or Reality, Part 4


Breaking the Deadlock: What Is Preferable?

Question: Why, in spite of the failure of the communism in Russia, did many nations support and hold onto it and begin to establish communist parties?

Answer: The idea, in itself, is very attractive because the masses see a bright future in attaining equality, fraternity, and the proper distribution of the benefits of society. But now people have changed since egoism has reached unimaginable heights in the last few centuries.

Why does war happen? War is a cleansing, a release. It transforms all egoists into equals. It kills the egoism in them because it is about survival. After all, in order to survive, it is necessary to be connected with all the others. It is necessary to think about the common trouble, about the common victory, about the shared success. So war inflames intense and egoistic passions in nations and peoples and is a kind of common denominator.

After the Soviet pseudo-communism, a few years later it was implemented in Germany, but in the form of national fascism. In fact, it was one and the same.

Today humanity is approaching war. It is already spoken about it as if it is inevitable: “What will be, will be, but there is no alternative.” Where once people were afraid of pressing the red button, now, it is as if now there is no fear of nuclear war.

Question: Does humanity subconsciously want war?

Answer: Today, humanity understands that our lives have no meaning, no co realization, that human beings are some kind of dead-end branch of nature, that it has made a big mistake because egoism gets him nowhere. This suggests that egoism has reached its end.

We are not yet aware of this, but we already see that the ego has taken its courses, like a developing, cancer. After all, a sick person doesn’t feel anything at first, and only later begins to feel and understand that the malignant tumor is devouring him!

Now, humanity is devouring itself, but it must recognize this and stop. In any case, either in a good way or through the way of suffering, we will need to come to that to reach the construction of a happy society.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/11/15

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Work In The Generation Of The Messiah

laitman_281_02All the work until the generation of the Messiah is in self-annulment, although there are differences according to the destiny of each soul. In every generation there are high souls that have special missions.

This continues until we reach the time of the Messiah, which we are in today. The whole world becomes on soul, one family, and so we have to perform actions according to the time we live in.

This doesn’t mean that we have to sit and wait for the Messiah and hope for some miracle from Above. There are no miracles. There is only one miracle: the spark that awakens in a person. Everything else depends on one’s efforts and on his work, and there are no concessions here on the part of the upper system. Our mission is to draw the Light that Reforms unto ourselves and to correct the incorporation of all in all.

Today it is fulfilled by dissemination, using all the opportunities we have.  After all, it is the most real and practical action of correction that we can perform. This is the reason that we cannot escape this work. We should understand that all our study and all the systems we have built are all meant only to continue the dissemination of the method of correction and connection.

This is the major part of our work through which we will be rewarded with a corrected soul and will attain the form of Adam (Man). Then we will discover what the height of 600,000 souls that make that Malchut is. All the souls of Israel are included in Malchut of the world of Atzilut and rise with it to the height of GAR of Atzilut, called 600,000, ,which is 620 times greater, or the complete attainment from the minimal Light of Nefesh of Nefesh of Nefesh until the attainment of the complete Light of NRNHY.

This is our work, and the most important thing is not to forget that our mutual incorporation is the fulfillment of the correction. Its practical embodiment is the incorporation of the whole nation, as it says: “The Creator dwells among His people.” It is there that we find our corrections and the correction of our soul.

We must not forget that this requires continuous work and caring about people. There are different levels here: the still, vegetative, and animate nature and man, and even a poor beggar is as important as a prince. Those who are on the level of the whole nation have the power from their great mass of billions of people. On the level of the vegetative there are fewer parts, and there are even fewer on the animate level, while on the human level there are just a few.

Eventually we meet with the whole world, with all the people of all sorts that will later be clarified. We cannot identify them immediately. We see that people are ignited at first and then they cool off or that they follow the right path along a very thin line and then they suddenly divert and are attracted to an unknown direction.

We have to take care of everyone, like children, until they grow up. We must remember that it is actually thanks to this care that we correct ourselves and grow. We can attain the one soul only by dissemination; this is our mission.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.11.15

Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” Item 12

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