Anyone Can Be A Jew

Laitman_509Question: I am not Jewish by birth. Will I be able to attain the wisdom of Kabbalah? I presume that I am starting to become Jewish to the extent that the Light comes near me, in the spiritual sense, of course, but this is only a presumption.

Answer: You are right. A Jew is someone who feels that he yearns to transcend this world and reach the upper world (it is called upper since it doesn’t operate according to the property of receiving, according to egoism but according to the attribute of bestowal). The root of “transcend” – “Ever” in Hebrew stems from the same root as the word “Hebrew” – “Ivrit,” a Jew.

The word “Jew” – “Yehudi”  stems from the word “unity” – “Yichud.”  The word “Israel” stems from the words “Yashar-El,” which means aiming straight to the Creator. Everything depends only on what a person yearns for. Jews are not a nation but an ideological group of people. This is the reason that anyone can be a Jew!

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