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A Kabbalist Is His Own Lab

Laitman_003.jpgQuestion: In his article “The Last Generation,” Baal HaSulam tries to lead a person through the process of thinking about what we are living for, why things are the way they are, and why the whole human system is reaching a dead end.

He says: “I take all that so close to my heart that I cannot restrain myself anymore, and I have reached the decision to discover the way of our predetermined future correction from my perspective and from what I have found in these books. I will go out to people and I will blow the Shofar.”

On the one hand, he appears to us as a dispassionate scientist exploring the nature of things, but on the other hand, he appears as a man full of love for mankind.

Answer: I wouldn’t call a Kabbalist a levelheaded scientist. He does express himself in the dry scientific language of physics that is very similar to the language of programming, but what is concealed under this language? Feelings!

Therefore, although he tells us how the Reshimot (reminiscences) rise in us, how we gradually begin to mutually cooperate with the upper level, and how the force descends from there to the lower level, his heart and his desires are behind all these mechanical actions because he feels all that on himself.

A Kabbalist is not a physicist nor a chemist who looks at a certain instrument he has invented, confirms and records the physical or chemical processes that take place in the still matter, the vegetative (biology) or the animate (zoology). A Kabbalist is not a person who studies what goes on in a living organism like a vet or a doctor, but the intrinsic properties, the internal processes taking place in our desires and our thoughts. He studies the mutual connection, the mutual cooperation, and the mutual influence of the thought on the desire and of the desire on the thought. The heart is the desire and the mind is the thoughts.

What is more, he doesn’t study it in the conventional frameworks of our world where we see certain outcomes and try to influence them. A Kabbalist studies everything on himself! He is his own lab! He is driven by the attainment of the world, “I attain the world through me,” and it isn’t an unproven axiom like scientists in our world use. For a Kabbalist it is a field of discovery, and he immediately begins to understand the world he is observing, he sees it inside himself.

If I read the newspaper or watch a movie on the computer screen, for example, it doesn’t mean that the paper is posted on a newsstand or that the movie is projected in a cinema somewhere. I see it on my own computer and not beyond its boundaries.

Its the same with a Kabbalist. Whatever he feels he feels on himself, so he cannot express his feelings of self-rejection in a dry manner. At the same time he expresses himself in a very dry language. It is because the wisdom of Kabbalah is the only wisdom that compares our feelings with the very rigid and precise laws and responses of nature that invoke the feelings, responses, and the discovery of consciousness in us.

We are part of nature that is made of vectors of different forces that cooperate mutually, including our feelings and our thoughts. But it is impossible to study them on the earthly level because these thoughts and feelings are above us! A Kabbalist, through spiritual methodology, rises to the level where the interaction of these forces and the birth of the desire, feelings, and our thoughts, man’s inner world, take place, and it is from this level that he begins to influence them.

He studies on himself by which mutual cooperation he can invoke his responses, and why certain responses are specifically the way they are—whether they can be identical to the mutual cooperation of others, in what way people differ from one another, and although they are different, what can they aspire for despite the differences. A Kabbalist studies how nature influences us and what it leads us to, why it manages us the way it does, and how we will perceive the influence of nature if we change by ourselves, whether it changes at all or whether it influences us in the same way all the time, and whether we can change and perceive its influence differently.

This means that a Kabbalist enters such a lab where he is his own subject.

Comment: Many scientists have engaged in such studies: doctors, physicist who studied radiation on themselves.

Answer: No. it isn’t the same thing because they studied physical laws of the world of the still, vegetative, and animate nature on themselves, while here we speak about the laws of the upper world. The ultimate goal of such research is very simple: to understand what we exist for. After all, there are many galaxies around us and no one knows what is in them, while I want to discover and to know what I live for, who I was before I came into this world, and who I will be when I leave it; do I have to feel myself as living in a body that is totally connected to it in every possible way or can I somehow detach myself from it? It is going to die soon and I may transcend to another state, etc.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a wisdom that allows a person to start answering questions about the meaning of his life. Animals don’t ask such questions. Those in whom such thoughts, desires, and yearnings are invoked are called human. Such people already ask human questions and the wisdom of Kabbalah provides the answers to them.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 5/18/15

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“Love – A Dangerous Disease”

Laitman_183_04In the News ( “A group of British researchers have conducted a longitudinal study the behavior of the body and a man in love. The findings of science have been disappointing. It turns out that love – a disease that causes serious damage to human health.

“Professor Martin Cowie says that when a person is in love, he experiences a storm of emotions. This is detrimental to his health and eventually ends in a whole bunch of diseases. This starts from the fact that the body is under the influence of a person in love and the emotions produce quite pronounced physical manifestations. During this period, scientists say, a great amount of adrenaline is produced, which in turn negatively affects the human body.

“It is known that a large number of diseases are caused by stress. Professor Cowie says that these diseases are the result of processes that are similar to changes in the body of a man in love. Most interesting is that when people are in love they do not adequately recognize that their health has deteriorated. The euphoria of the state of happiness overrides common sense. As a result, signs of the disease can even be similar to symptoms of the flu.

“When someone in love breaks with the object of their affection (their second ‘half’), they perceive it as a tragedy that sometimes can be even fatal.”

Comment: In fact, it is possible to say completely opposite things about love. In this world, love is the strongest egotistic shock, the highest selfish desire that “seizes” a person and tightly holds him until he gets “light-headed” or loses his mind.

Love expands our selfish desires and at the same time restricts itself only to them. But if it is real, altruistic love not for “our own sake,” but the kind of love that is directed to others without taking account of ourselves, then it does not limit a person, but instead opens new dimensions that are “outside” us, and these people attain the external world.

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Can The Teacher Be The Standard?

laitman_249-01Question: If I don’t feel the Creator, can I tune in to you as the goal, since you and your goal are clear to me?

Answer: If that suits you, then you can tune in to me. Actually, I devote all my life, all my time, to studying and teaching, and aspiring for the Creator and helping others do the same. Basically, each one of us needs to do that.

But in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the teacher cannot be the standard because his inner life, his inner development, is not known to anyone. What we see is only his external movements that function on the physical level, the animal level.

For example, the religious Hassids imitate their teacher, “Oh, our Rabbi loves to eat that, and dress like that, and we do the same.”

Of course, this is not a basis for imitation. You don’t receive anything through that because in everyday life I live and exist according to my physical (animal) body. I operate according to what my body demands and according to what doctors advise. I listen to doctors and listen to my body.

There is absolutely nothing here that is connected to the spiritual world. All of spirituality exists deep within and is inaccessible to the eye and to imitation. Thus, there is no reason to look at me.

Think about each one of us reaching the goal. If each one will begin wanting his friends to reach the goal, then that will be the “prayer of many.”
From the Lesson in Russian 2/7/14

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World Conflicts And Their Solution, Part 1 – What Is The World Looking For?

laitman_220The world is looking for war. There is no other way it can get rid of the redundant mouths to feed or even mouths that are not redundant. This is the reason that the world welcomes wars. The Americans, for example, are proud that ten thousand ISIS members were killed in bombings in Syria in the last six months.

Military conflicts are started intentionally and we will see more and more of that in the future because of the sharp population growth and the need for a solution. This is the reason that humanity will aspire to annihilate as many as possible of those who simply take up space.

Europe is finally beginning to realize what a terrible mistake they made in allowing huge numbers of immigrants to enter its borders. How can this be corrected now? After all, we are not living in the Middle Ages now when people can simply be annihilated like on St. Bartholomew night. This is impossible!

The world is facing very serious problems and people are not looking for peace at all! Everyone realizes that something needs to be done, but it is impossible to solve anything in peaceful ways, and therefore we have no way of coping with the growing Islamic pressure on developed countries. This is the reason that the gradual overtaking of Europe, America, and Russia by Islam will continue. The only difference is that in Russia it will seep in through Tatarstan, Chechnya, and partly even though Turkey, while in Europe it will happen through North Africa and the Arab states. America will also be flooded by immigrants who will increase the mutual hatred through growing pressure. We see what is happening in the US now, what problems there are between the police and the blacks. This conflict is ignited on purpose. Humanity is not looking for peace. It realizes that it cannot exist that way.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/3/15

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The Third Temple And A Solution To The Global Problem

laitman_937Wandering in the desert is a very difficult internal state through which a person gradually grows.

The desert changes him from being a slave of the egoistic desire to being the ego’s master. This occurs in the 40 years of wandering in the desert. A person gradually ascends his ego, step by step and changes it into the attribute of bestowal.

It isn’t easy to cross the desert; this is man’s problem, and it must be overcome. This is the reason that the Torah ends with the crossing of the desert and entering into the land of Israel. That’s it! That’s all we need. We get the force we can advance onward correctly with.

But why doesn’t the Torah tell us how to fight and to conquer the land of Israel. After all, the spies said that seven nations live there. It is because it is futile to fight them. Today we live in the same way.

We were given a method that tells us how to absorb the Light of correction, but nothing more than that. It turns out that if you bring yourself to the land of Israel, it seems that you are left on your own afterward, because at this point you advance directly toward conquering the land of Israel, which means toward overcoming your true egoistic desire. Before that it was only the preparation. Now you enter your egoistic heart and begin to conquer it, to digest, and to process it into the attribute of love and bestowal.

In the past we built the First and the Second Temples, which were destroyed. Now after these two destructions, we have to build the Third Temple on the foundation of the first two. But we cannot build it alone, not only the nation of Israel. It has to be built by the whole world. This is the reason that it is so powerful and eternal. The Third Temple is the correction of the global egoistic desire that the Creator has created. The whole world must take part in it. It is like the prophet Ezekiel says: “The nations of the world will carry the children of Israel and bring them to Jerusalem,” which means that they will bring them to the necessity to build the Third Temple.

Question: Does this mean that the Third Temple will no longer be Jewish but international?

Answer: Yes. Today the world already begins to feel that all the problems come down to one intricate network, to something everyone shares: if you pull the string everything will fall apart just like a house of cards. If there is a small problem in some part on the globe, it is immediately echoed all over the world. The world becomes more mutually connected every day so that we will begin to realize that we have to find a global solution to the problem and we are not prepared for it. Our role is to bring humanity to the understanding of how to be ready to face this new situation.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/28/15

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Who Are the Jews?

laitman_559A Jew is a person who choses transitioning from this world, the lowest step of the Universe, to a higher degree as his purpose in life.

“Jew” derives from the words “Laavor” and “ever” which means “transitional.”

In my opinion, not all representatives of our people are “Jews” even though historically they possess a special, inner potential, which has not been implemented. They are “sleeping” Jews.

But judging by the conscious actions, it is possible to say that our students belong to the category of Jews. Others are still in a “stand-by” state. They have to be awakened.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.30.15

Writings of Baal HaSulam  “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 31

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The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts, “Good and Evil,” “Day to Day Pours Forth Speech, and Night to Night Reveals Knowledge” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose,” “The Essence of Religion Is to Develop in Us the Sense of Recognition of Evil”

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