The Secondary Growth Of Terror, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Despite all the efforts, global terror is becoming increasingly radicalized. There are many new organizations that are even more extreme and cruel than the ones we have known so far.

The struggle against Al-Qaeda has been unsuccessful. What is worse, the organization called ISIS has stemmed from it and has escalated their bloody attacks. Is it possible to find the weak spot of the heads of this organization in order to affect them by this Achilles heel?

Answer: We will never be able to affect them. The only way is through a united world that will be a barrier that blocks them. In that case, the flow of volunteers joining the terror will dry up and people will actually begin to flow to our side.

We also call for unity, but universal, unlimited unity, independent of any differences. You can be black, white, red, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Indian, it makes no difference. All the people and all the nations in the world should become one by the power of general unity, one common framework, one human family.

These are the laws of nature that require that we be in a state of unity and balance, in a system of integral connections among us. If we keep this condition, we will feel good, while the terrorist organizations will be in a bad position.

Nature always aspires only for unity and togetherness. It is basically one integral system in which all its parts are mutually connected. Therefore, we have to be incorporated in this system in order to receive the maximum positive friendly powers from nature.

In order to do that, we have to connect all of humanity into one family and then we will find ourselves in a state of balance with nature. This is the law of balance, homeostasis, equivalence of form.

Question: Why is it necessarily that this law will work against terrorists?

Answer: Because the compatibility with nature allows us to draw the positive forces from it. Humanity just needs to connect and to unite correctly so that people will do everything in their power to create one family that lives according to the principles of mutual assistance and mutual guarantee. It should be to the extent that we will all be on an equal level and everyone will have whatever he needs in a rational sense. If we organize things this way, people will be attracted to it.

After all, we want to live in a good world that is safe and happy without great social gaps: rich and poor, lucky and outsiders, healthy and ill… Everyone should feel good and know that he lives in a world that is good and safe and that he will live a good life in a wonderful environment that takes care of him and in which he takes care of others. This is what we should attract people to and this is what they really want, but they have no leader that can fulfill it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/9/14

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