A World Without The Elite And The Lower Class

laitman_430If we understand what kind of a life we are leading, we want to get off this wheel. Today, the world is reaching such a state that it will have no choice. Otherwise, all the governments will need to think and decide what to do with 90% of the population that they don’t need.

One or two hundred years ago, a person who didn’t work didn’t have anything to eat. However, today, a person doesn’t need to work in order to eat. There is an abundance of food in the world. In the past, a person didn’t have anything to wear if he didn’t have money. Today, there is so much clothing in the world that there is no problem in being clothed.

So, what is to be done with those people for whom we have no need? Out of a population of seven billion, half a billion are enough to supply everyone with everything that is necessary.  And what will all the rest of the people do? Where is this world going? What kind of sense is there in the existence of all seven billion? How will the next generation be built?

There are a few approaches and options here. One approach is a fascistic approach that says that we have to rebuild gas chambers and ovens, and return to the Holocaust. Cleanse this earth of a few billion people if there is no need for them. So, what is to be done with them? Others say that this is inhumane, but it is possible to do the same thing through drugs and medicines. There are many methods to reduce the population.

There is an another method: Arrange for wars all over the world in which they kill each other, or develop such an ideology in which a person doesn’t need to get married and produce children. Same-sex marriage will become acceptable to everyone, men with men and women with women. The main thing is to reduce the amount of the population that is not needed by anyone.

Today, the greatest problem is that there are billions of superfluous people. This is not in the sense that there is not enough food, and there we can’t feed them. Rather, there is a huge ballast, that has nothing to do. There is not enough for them in terms of time, space, and care. They become irrelevant, and this is a very big problem.

If we look at the world from above, from a demographic point of view, from the side of the governments, we see all the seriousness and severity of this problem. Maybe then we will understand what is happening today in the world, why no one cares about where wars are happening and there is increased drug use.

The reason for such an indifferent attitude is beginning to be understood. We are facing a very big problem. We want to continue to advance through the old methods as before, but the world demands that we reach a new structure.

Clearly, it is possible to start an atomic war and reduce the number of people who live in the world by half or three-quarters. However, nature obligates us to reach a state in which there will be neither elites nor a lower class.

In the world of today, there are a huge number of “extra” people for capitalism. We have no choice. We must reach a new social form built on absolute equality, for at the end of the development of capitalism 90% of the population will be left without work, and there will be nothing to keep them busy.

The only way is to give them work on building new relationships between them according to the principle of equality. After all, only a form like this assures the continuation of human existence in the modern world, advancing toward equality and more and more connection between people until we discover a new way of life between us.

This is exactly the process that is happening in the world today, although not everyone sees it. But the approach from above is very clear. The problem is only in the seam between the new form and the old by which the world always has existed up to our day and through which we developed on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate. Today, all of humanity has reached a new level of human development.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/15, Writings of Rabash

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