Learning To Be In Balance With Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must organize integral education around every person and require each to enter it. The general crisis will end with such a big blow that no one will have a job. We will not need all these extra goods, and there will be no need to produce more. There is plenty of everything. The world produces garbage, throws it away, and only pollutes the planet.

Suddenly, we discover that out of seven billion people existing in the world, 80 percent are extra. What can we do with them, kill them? There are theories that it is necessary to get rid of “extra people,” and then the rest will have jobs. However, the rest will not have jobs either as this war will leave a person wondering whether it’s good that he has remained alive.

That is why we have a simple solution. Every person’s job will be to enter an educational, learning environment. Just as we teach our children and 100 percent of the children study until they are 18, an adult should study or get continuous education throughout his life, working a couple of hours a day to perform the tasks assigned to him by society.

Then, every person will go through inner changes in a mandatory manner. We would not exclude one single person from this. Each would study in a virtual system, watching clips, listening to songs, or reading humorous stories, where everything will be on the topic of globality, integrality, unity, and mutual guarantee. Everyone will have to do homework, submit it to be checked, and pass exams. If one has completed everything, he will get a salary at the end of the month. This will be his job.

Question: Who finances his salary if no one works?

Answer: This does not mean that no one works. We all work to the extent that we have to, to produce the necessities of life. However, we do not make things only to pass them to each other and then throw them in a landfill because people hardly use them. We produce only the necessary items that everyone requires to exist normally.

The same education system includes studying how to live within the framework of life’s necessities, at the human level, in balance with nature, and observing its requirements. It should explain to everyone that by consuming more than we need, we become out of balance with nature.

Each organ of the body receives not for itself, but only to exist to help others, to serve them. We should understand that we have no choice. We must come to this system. Kabbalists spoke much about it, and we have to bring this knowledge to everyone.
From the Talk about a New Book 7/11/2011

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  1. This is what happens in some Third World Countries where there is famine and then people have civil wars and kill each other in the thousands, because there isn’t enough. So, those who are left are still left to fend for themselves in the same way. Most impoverished countries that get educated in how to tend their livestock or farms and health issues, etc. Their lives get better. So, education, in the Kabbalistic sense makes sense.

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