There Is No Life Without Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Regarding mutual guarantee, you bring in the example of the work of the organs in the human body, where each organ lives in mutual guarantee with the others. The system is closed and united.

However, there is no uniform system in human society. Here and there, people become united in various groups which, as a rule, fight against each other. However, there is no perception of human society as one general system similar to the human body. I do not feel the other person as part of my body and thus, do not provide him with mutual guarantee.

Answer: You are saying the following: All the examples that you bring in from scientific research, as well as what we observe in nature according to the principle of “a judge has only what his eyes can see” are beautiful examples. Everything is good and wonderful, but I personally do not feel it. I can understand it logically, but an understanding in my mind is not enough to compel me to exist in an integral form.

If it were in my sensations, if I knew that by not acting together with you, I do not succeed and that I need you in order to reach some life-important goal, everything would be fine. Yet, you are saying that a good life is possible on condition that you and I are connected. Then, we will reach a better life, the goal, and emerge from the crisis and all the environmental issues. However, I do not feel that. I can understand this as do the scientists.

But why do these scientists not go out together and shout? What prevents them from doing this? Don’t they see the facts? They do! Why do they not unite, go out, and begin shouting: “Friends, a bit more of this, and the world will explode! The Earth will collapse and crumble into pieces!” Why do they not scream about this, foreseeing the very unpleasant events in the future?

This is because they all have the same problem. I can give you a list of thousands of scientists, sociologists, political scientists, leading economists, and many clever people who observe our problems and see that we must pursue only unity. Why do they not unite? It’s because they do not feel it, but only see it.

There is a difference between feelings and the mind. What exists in the mind does not oblige a person. How many times does it happen in our personal lives that we see and know that we should not do something, but we still do it. Let’s use smoking as an example. Although they say that smoking is harmful, the pleasant sensations or laziness leaves me under the power of this habit.

What can I do? I do not see other people besides us who would be able to realize this. We must organize this environment by force. When the environment artificially begins to talk about the need for unity, for global and integral interconnection, this environment will bring a new sensation to everyone.

Then, everyone will feel: “I really need this! Why don’t I have it?” In the same way, we are impressed by advertising flickering before us. It will pass from the mind to feelings. A feeling is a desire, and the mind is a thought. I have to be impressed within my desire and plead to obtain it. A desire should be an intense longing for something.

This is possible only through envy, lust, and a desire for honor, when I see that everyone talks about this, that they value and advertise these facts to me. Otherwise, it means nothing to me. This is how they advertise a new mattress: “You must buy it! Without it, you do not know what good sleep is!”

If this ad is working all the time, I have no choice. As a result, I will recall the name of that company, and on some occasion, I will go to a store and buy it. If not I, the majority of people will succumb to this ad. It works in this way. Therefore, up to 70 percent of the cost of goods is put into advertising.

We can see how much advertising directs us at its object. That is why we have to deal only with advertising. And it’s not because of someone’s interest, but because we have no choice. Let’s start to advertise this important message to ourselves.

Then, through real brainwashing, we will come to understand the importance of integration, unity, and mutual guarantee. Then, we will miss this; we will suddenly desire this. Why? It’s because the general awareness of the importance prevailing in the environment will rule over me since I am under its influence.
From the Talk about a New Book 7/11/2011

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