Integral Upbringing For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is your view of extreme right wing movements in modern societies?

Answer: They exist in developed countries regardless of the national policy and the social mood, and they are primarily caused by the presence of a large number of immigrants in every developed country.

This is happening because the demographic crisis forces a country to bring in a foreign work force, and as a result, a collision occurs between opposing cultures and religions. The solution can only come from an obligatory upbringing for everyone, which will raise people above all the differences, bringing them together in a single, integral unification.

To accomplish this, it is necessary to introduce a mandatory upbringing for all members of society, including immigrants. Otherwise every country will face horrible consequences in the form of civil wars….

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  1. It seems as well, as in the case of the United States, that workers are not so much “brought in” by a need of the societies per se for workers. Rather, they come as the standard of living where they are is much lower and they are willing to immigrate, even in an illegal/dangerous manner in to the developed country to obtain a standard of living higher than that of their native land, but more to the point, lower than the standard of the host country. As such, they raise the standard of living for business owners and direct users of their service who are willing to use them with no questions asked, as well as the consumers that buy from them. On the other hand, they lower the standard of living for competing businesses, and more to the point, the general working class of the host nation, Certainly to, this leads to tremendous friction and the rise of right-wing opposition movements even to a greater extent (as the society, per se, never even “invited,” the new immigarants).

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