Angels All Around

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should I relate to antipathy and hatred when they arise not toward friends in the group, but toward outsiders who aren’t with us on the spiritual path?

Answer: Why would I suddenly hate outsiders who have nothing to do with my spiritual path? I view them as angels without free will. If they aren’t in the group and don’t have free will, of what could I possibly accuse them? They are acting like puppets, following orders from Above.

That doesn’t mean I should disregard them. Simply, I understand that they do not act freely and independently. In everything that happens to them, I see the Creator’s hand. Consequently, I need to work either “for” or “against.”

As concerns external actions, I need to relate to people in the corrected form, trying to make sure that everybody has everything they need. Or I can begin working with them and pass knowledge about Kabbalah to them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/31/2011, Shamati #26

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  1. Sorry it went out without my free will. I mean, if he feels like hating, then let him hate until he decays and die. Then he will be able to make a decision: keep on hating the outsiders or take a serious look inside. Now of course if he is me: same advice.

    Now if he doesn’t draw the strength from Him. Where is it coming from?
    And if a valid pain makes me stronger? Why would it be different with a friend?
    And if I am afraid to face truth and loose it ALL, because I rather take on my illusions, what is it exactly that I expect to reach?.
    So the “evil eye”. There is no evil eye. But in the evil’s weak rosh, intruded through the decay of the masach. And the secrets, they are well guarded anyway. And the attainment: there is none degree that stays keeping worth it.

    And the one who wishes to add additional layers of concealment on my beast, let him add some additional layers of concealment on my best.

    Kadima! v toda raba bkohl
    Wish you all, all what you need.

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