Workshop: The Particle Accelerator Of The Soul

laitman_934Question: After two years of reconstruction, the biggest particle accelerator in the world that is on the border between France and Switzerland finally has been reopened. Physicists are looking for the elementary particle, the “God Particle.” Does this mean that the world is in a search for something upper?

Answer: Scientists kindle public interest in this quest because they can thus satisfy their curiosity, as well as get a chance to work. It is clearly impossible to find the “God Particle” this way. It is impossible to touch things that are above matter. Scientists want to discover the “God Particle,” but it is a paradox. If it is a material particle, it cannot be a “God Particle.”

God is spiritual; it is not perceived by our senses or our lifeless machines. Therefore, it is impossible to perceive the “God Particle” by the collider that they built. However, they have already spent billions, which could be have been used for something useful. These experiments are funded because there is a hope that, thanks to them, it will be possible eventually to create a more powerful bomb.

Question: Isn’t there a connection between spirituality and corporeality, between a root and a branch? Can’t we discover the spiritual world through this particle?

Answer: This is absolutely impossible. How can there be a connection between any corporeal phenomenon that is revealed in our egoistic consciousness and something that exists in the world of absolute bestowal?

There is no connection between the corporeal and the spiritual worlds; there is no bridge. We cannot build a passage from one world to the other. There is a great partition between them. Scientists don’t understand what godliness is and what spirituality means, although there were great minds like Einstein and Huge Everett III who realized that they didn’t understand this matter and spoke openly about the limitations of their theories.

Question: Why is it impossible to discover spiritual phenomena through the Higgs boson search with the Large Hadron Collider? Doesn’t corporeality affect spirituality? If it doesn’t, why do we have discussion circles and believe that it does have an effect on people?

Answer: We create a special accelerator of correction in the circles. This is already a totally different process that has nothing to do with quantum physics, but is related to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Something new indeed is formed inside it that is created by the thoughts of people who annul their egoism and wish to connect. Thus, they turn themselves into an amplifier, a great spiritual accelerator, but any physical instruments cannot measure this action. A person comes out of the circle greatly impressed, but it is impossible to assess and measure such feelings that are a result of the connection. There is no connection between the two. These phenomena can be the result of endless reasons since they are merely physiological phenomena in our corporeal body. There is no connection between corporeality and spirituality. There never has been, and there never will be.

Question: Doesn’t spiritual work affect the corporeal life?

Answer: I correct my inner vessels of perception through spiritual work, and then I see and perceive the world that is inside me in a new way because my inner vessels of perception have changed. I see a different world that is reflected differently in my consciousness. It is the result of the change of my attributes, the inner accelerator, which we form in the circle, that changes our attributes, and we see a different, better world. When a person sits in a circle, he is incorporated in a machine that accelerates his development. He is under the influence of the Light, the upper force of nature. Therefore, he suddenly discovers that it is actually possible to connect, that it is really good and that we should do that. People come out of the circles with a feeling of great elation. This isn’t the result of persuasion, like in some lecture, but the direct effect of the Light that operates on us and advances our development.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/15, Writings of Rabash

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