Closing The Chain Of Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything that we feel is the essence of the desire to receive in which a certain form is revealed. In other words, the desire receives one form or another under the influence of the Light that operates on it. The same desire is the foundation of all the worlds, but there are different forms on different levels.

Everything that we see now is on the lowest level of the desire. A more advanced form appears when the desire takes on the intention of in order to bestow, if the former is replaced by its form to shape the spiritual form. In other respects, there are no differences between various parts in different worlds and in different degrees. Each time, it is simply as if we put on different glasses and thus see the world differently.

The desire remains unchanged and there are 620 sub-desires in it that are all connected in some way. All these degrees come all the way to Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity). Now too, we also see Malchut of Ein Sof, but from our level according to our vessel of perception. This is what is meant by the phrase: “One judges according to his flaws.”

Question: How can we explain this to a person who doesn’t study Kabbalah?

Answer: The desire to receive is matter. An atom consists of particles that are actually energy, or in other words the desire to move. If a particle doesn’t move, it disappears. The particles are actually energy, light. They interact with each other, connecting and creating different connections. The collective desire is formed by this connection, according to the four phases or the four types of nature: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking.

It is all a desire. It can rise and it can descend, it splits into “plus” and “minus,” but its essence doesn’t change. The images of matter we were used to do not match the scientific concepts, and not only of quantum physics, but also of the fields that deal with the perception of reality. One way or the other, it is clear today that matter is energy. This also has to do with us and with how we perceive ourselves. Of course, not everyone can understand this, but at least they will believe scientific evidence. We perceive many things in life as facts without bothering to check them.

So if all of creation is a desire to receive, we can speak about similarity or differences and closeness or remoteness only in terms of the desire to receive. Equal desires are together. The more they differ, the farther apart they are from each other. Opposite desires are infinitely distant from one another—from adhesion all the way to total oppositeness, and all the other intermediate states are in between. Everything is measured according to the desire.

This means that our work is simple. We have to check the desires and accordingly move forward. Like a psychologist, I look at myself from the side, examining my desires from the outside, checking their parameters: What forms of desires are there in me, to what extent do they control me and to what extent do I control them? According to our current level of understanding, I determined the desired form and equalize it with the current form.

Later I look for a way to move from the current form of desire to the desired from. Kabbalists say that we can do it with the help of the Light that Reforms. This means that I have to determine my current state as undesirable and the future state as good and desired. The distance between the two states causes me great pain and at the same time summons a yearning in me and enables me to exert myself in the group.

Everything is determined by the ratio between the desired and what is. I discover the bitter truth in the current state and yearn for the next state and the upper Light does its job, since it is the Light that should put me through the necessary changes in order to reach the new more advanced forms of desire.

So it is a simple method, although there are many components to it: the group, the teacher, the books, the Creator’s greatness, the studying, the image of reality, the worlds, etc. Eventually, if we attribute all this to externality, I remain in my present state, which I should see as unbearable and the next state as wonderful and that if I don’t attain it, then I’d rather die than live. And where is the Light? It comes through the group, since the next state is the essence of the connection on the new level. These conditions make me act.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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