Is It The Theory Of Everything Or Is Everything In Theory?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, together with a group of other scientists believe that our three dimensional world is “under water,” the fourth dimension is “above water,” and we must learn to “swim” together. They call it the “Theory of Everything.”

On the whole, they speak about eleven dimensions that can be described as eleven walls. The clash between these walls is what caused the big bang. Among the scientists who hold this perspective are those who took part in the particle accelerator project. What can we say about that?

Answer: I certainly don’t underestimate the results of scientific research. On the contrary, I follow and consider them seriously.

Where do all these theories come from? The point is that our egoistic desire constantly changes its form under the influence of the Light that Reforms. When it changes, it discovers different theories, concepts, and perceptions within it. We are not so interested in this, except for the chance to check if humanity is advancing toward the truth. Is it feeling its way toward it in the dark?

As of today, scientists are facing a wall, one wall, not eleven walls. If they wish to continue studying nature, they must change. The accelerator should be inside a person. We call it “hastening time,” “accelerating time,” and “shortening the way.” This accelerator is formed with the help of the group when the friends receive the power of the Light and when they can really use it.

Scientists don’t have the means, although they already have tried everything. The diameter of the ring of the accelerator is more than 26 km. Yet, even if it were 26 million km, what of it? They will find more particles and new data, and what then?

In order to understand nature, we need the second force that is in it, but scientists don’t have that force. They are constantly trying to come to conclusions and learn one part from another, which is impossible. I’ve heard of String Theory, the Theory of Everything, and similar things when I began studying science. These theories stem from the constant growth of our ego that constantly invents new things. It gradually approaches the truth, but at the same time, remains egoistic and doesn’t change internally, qualitatively.

Therefore, science in general and physics in particular have reached a dead end. There is no real progress anymore. There are a few areas that we haven’t cracked yet, such as genetics for example. However, there, too, it is more about technologies than about attaining the essence of different phenomena.

Humanity is facing a comprehensive crisis. Therefore, if we don’t reveal the second force, the force of the Light, and don’t learn how to work together, nothing will help us. After all, scientists perform experiments on a very low level. Suppose they cause a collision of elementary particles, but don’t study the other part of the general system that is the much larger part, the part that manages everything.

I also like to watch science programs on TV, but generally speaking, science has reached its end.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/2012, “Preface to The Book of Zohar”

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  1. Here is the truth. We will always find smaller particles and new phenomena, forever. But, do we see what this means? Most of the time, no. Do we use the new found power to unify life to a higher degree? Most of the time, no. Science without purpose, is as dangerous as an axe in the hands of a serial killer.

  2. Crea: Science does not lack purpose. The purpose of science is to learn the truth about what the universe is and how it works through the use of the scientific method.

    The scientific method involves the systematic study of the nature and behaviour of the material and physical universe, based on observation, experiment, and measurement, and the formulation of laws to describe it.

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