Desire Is Like A Target For The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we ever prove that all of the matter of creation is a desire to receive?

Answer: Ask physicists, and they will tell you the same thing, but in different words. There are several basic principles, such as the second law of thermodynamics, and there are several natural constants. If we dig a bit deeper, we will come across the concept of mass. Behind mass, there is energy, and, behind energy, here scientific knowledge comes to a dead end.

We can say that there is a force behind energy, but what is that force? How can we describe it? Scientists are trying to find these bases and when their research will be completed, drawing a line from their studies to the desire to receive, the desire to keep its existence on all the levels of the still nature, the vegetative, the animate, and the speaking.

Even if we speak about the most elementary phenomenon, it is always about its nature. We refer to something that wants to sustain itself in its form of existence. This is the desire to receive, the desire to exist. Without it, there would be nothing, not even for a short while. In this source, even time doesn’t exist yet.

So, the desire precedes everything, and, beyond that, there are different forms that it takes upon itself.

All the sciences and the wisdoms speak about what man discovers here in the framework of corporeal reality. On the other hand, the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t speak about our egoistic desire that is only typical of this world, but about a raw desire, about a force that is not dressed in anything yet.

Question: Can it be studied outside the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No, outside the wisdom of Kabbalah, we simply don’t have the necessary tools. We cannot build an accelerator that would bombard the desire and record its responses. It is because it is much deeper than the micro-world, deeper than the quantum effects. Therefore, you can work only with it inside yourself when you become the “area” to which the Light comes. It hits the desire, and, as a result of their meeting—as a result of the cooperation between them—different particles are created, according to which you discover the Returning Light that descends to a lower level and evokes new Reshimot (spiritual genes) in you.

The elementary schema, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, is a Masach (screen) that begins to ascend from Tabur. In the next level, there is Zivug de Haka’a (coupling while striking), and the Returning Light descends again from one level to another, thus overcoming the difference in energy in the previous state. From there, it “throws” Tagin on the letters (“crowns” above the letters, and eventually, the differences in energy bring about differences in frequencies, differences in attributes. This comparison enables you to discern the details and put together the general picture.

It is just like a baby who tastes everything, and thus begins to know the world since taste is the main sense that he can use and rely upon at the moment. In spirituality, the new Lights that are revealed in the desire are called “flavors.” They help us learn what is going on.

Desire Is Like A Target For The Light
So, the matter that the target the Light hits is actually me, my desire to receive. Just like scientists who bombard their targets with particles by increasing their energy, we, too, do the same thing, not with corporeal matter, but with the matter of desire, by rising from phase four to phase three, to phase two, and so forth.

Therefore, we cannot speak with scientists about such matters. Of all the sciences, physics is the closest to the wisdom of Kabbalah. We speak about concrete phenomena and forces.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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