Physics And Lyricism

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we properly define Kabbalistic terms, we see that Kabbalah isn’t some out-of-this-world science, but that it deals with realistic things: our interrelation and the correction of human nature. It allows us to transform hatred into interconnection and to search for ways to rise above our nature. It also allows us to understand that “God’ is a quality of complete bestowal, and this quality has to reign between us. Instead of sensing only our bodies, which are essentially just bags full of electrolytes, we’ll sense things that exist outside of us.

How will this happen? Simply put, if I direct all of my attention, care, thoughts, and desires outward into the general system, then gradually I gain the ability to sense others. I provide my “animal” with all the necessities, and the rest of me is fully immersed in our interconnection. It’s similar to the way a mother cares for her new born baby: All of her thoughts and feelings are directed at him.

After we reach this state, we are ready to sense the spiritual world. And we really do begin to feel it. That is, we begin to feel things outside of us. Before we only perceived things within our five senses, sensing the world from within. After all, “this world” is drawn on the back of my brain as a reflection of my five senses. In essence, I see myself because I see the projection of my inner qualities. But when the relations between us become more important than my inner sensations, I cross over to an out-of-body perception.

This constitutes the revelation of the Creator or the revelation of the quality of bestowal to a person. One reveals what he has created and built. By exiting himself, a person becomes similar to the Creator or the force of bestowal. A person attains the quality of bestowal to the degree that he builds it, meaning that the Creator reveals Himself according to the level the person has attained. After all, the “Creator” (Boreh) means “come and see.” Come and you will see, feel and measure what you’ve attained.

By perceiving reality and the Creator in this way, we cancel out many stereotypes and preconceptions. We begin to really engage in our inner science in which we are both the researchers and the subjects under examination. We feel the results and become them. We attain the quality of the Creator, which becomes our quality—our adhesion to the quality of bestowal.

Thanks to this perception of reality and to the changes that we must undergo, we completely change our attitude toward pain, suffering, and to the complaints we present to others, to the Creator and to ourselves. We understand that we exist within Nature and that there isn’t anyone to blame. There is no one to search for or hope for someone’s mercy and protection.

There’s only room for a scientific approach: We exist in a system of forces that is subject to precise laws. Kabbalah defines this as follows: “I did not change my Name,” “the upper Light is at absolute rest,” “a judge has only what his eyes can see,” and “the law was given and cannot be transgressed.”

We use the language of emotion and prayer, but if we don’t want to become confused by all this, we must “test the harmony with algebra” and achieve precise measurement of forces, directions and vectors, equations, graphs, and formulas. Only then will we be able to measure our sensations and efforts, our hatred and love both quantitatively and qualitatively through various contrasts. This is the only way we can avoid confusion.

We are sensual creatures, our matter is the desire to receive pleasure. However, we conduct work on ourselves like true researchers. We rise to work above our desires by means of restriction and the screen, and this is called working in faith above reason.

So let’s become comfortable with languages of lyricism and physics. In essence, they both speak of the same things, we only have to avoid becoming confused by them. Then we’ll clearly understand the entire creation.

The science of Kabbalah teaches how to conduct research and create a precise objective language that describes sensations. By doing so, we’ll understand the whole reality and the Creator—the force of bestowal that reigns over the entire reality. We’ll get to know Him completely and then reach the goal.
From Preparation Lesson, Kabbalah Convention in Toronto, 9/16/2011

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  1. Thank you! This reminds me of all the detective shows I love to watch. For the detectives, nothing is what it seems on the outside or what people say, and they have to search for the truth under everything going on in order to solve their cases. It’s kinda like that.

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