An Idea Driver

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe only feel the territory of our unity when we care for the vast world. Unity must happen through caring for someone just like spouses begin to feel like parents by caring for their children.

This is why we need to put our efforts into mutual, proper, and well-organized circulation. We produce interviews, video clips, songs, and other content. We need to create an ever increasing stock of ready materials so that we could take the needed materials from there, translate them to different languages, and put them to use.

This type of concern for the world will unite us into one. The only way to fix the connection between us is by bestowing to others. This is the spiritual law. I am unable to contact, unable to move, if it does not beget bestowal toward somebody. We need to work together on this, and better organize ourselves.

Do not wait for the initiative from the center in Israel—act independently. We have our own problems in Israel right now. It is becoming a hot spot in the world. So realize your own initiatives, adapted to your conditions.

After all, we are not disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah, but the knowledge about the true state of the world. You only need to learn the correct presentation and continuously improve it along the way. Only circulation will allow us to develop.

The main work direction is the Internet and communication with scientists. Based on their information, we go up to the government and down to the people. We act like an “idea driver” that disseminates essential knowledge in society and the Internet.

Virtual dissemination does not require enormous investment. There is no need to over-prepare materials. The main thing is to bring the ideas to the people. The key factors in these days are simplicity and accessibility. People like it when they are spoken to in a simple and unpretentious manner. Let us learn this together, and the faster, the better.
From the 4th Lesson, Kabbalah Convention in Toronto, 9/16/2011

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  1. I have no intentions of waiting around for anyone to get things started.:-) I have to live on this planet too. Even if others are in other countries and I’m not going to live in a world that has so many troubles, when it could be otherwise. What a waste of our time on earth it would be if we didn’t see reality differently and spent our time on competition and conflict.

  2. From Rav’s words here it seems that earlier work relating to specific dissemination publishing concerning Kabbalah, directed to attracting Points-in-the-Heart, and making a connection with / pointing to Bnei Baruch, must be done only under strict control/censorship of the relevant departments within the Bnei Baruch factory system. However, for the new “99%” global dissemination that speaks neither to Kabbalah, nor connects Bnei Baruch — we are directed specifically to know the appropriate materials — but then to go ahead and “fire at will” regarding targeting and acting on specific disseminations within the different cultures/societies that we are familiar with are familiar with.

    Other than the central gathering of those materials vis-a-vis the Bnei Baruch research groups and those redacting that information, is the above the correct understanding?

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