How Does One Break Into The Computer Of Creation?

Laitman_712_03The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks only about the discovery of the higher system that is concealed within our nature. Behind the nature that we see, feel, and discover with our five senses, there is a system that manages us, our entire lives, and all of our development.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is engaged with discovering this system. It explains how this same system, the upper force, created us, how we exist, how we are evolving, and what kind of state we must ultimately attain.

This entire system is called Elokim (God). Elokim and nature (HaTeva) are the same thing (they have the same numerical value according to Gematria, and this indicates that they have the same essence). However, by the word “nature” we don’t mean the physical nature that surrounds us, but an immense system, a minute part of which is revealed to us, whereas 99.9% of it is concealed.

Scientists also confirm that they have discovered only a minute part of what is happening in reality, but they hope that, through the continued development of science, they will discover what is concealed. But there are strata in the system of nature that we cannot ever discover with our five physical senses because these senses are limited—it’s just five organs of sensing in total and the tools that we create to expand their range.

Here, what we need is an additional, new method in order to discover that hidden system in which the higher management that develops us is concealed. From this system, we can see, feel, and discover for ourselves what our fate is, what motivates us, and whether we have freedom of choice in everything that we do—or does it only seem that way to us, but, essentially, we are not free, and we are only realizing the will of some force, some desire of a unique program?

Question: Does this system manage my life and the life of everyone now and at all times?

Answer: Certainly! This is a general and complete system within which we exist, as if we were within a gigantic computer that determines everything for us, transforming us and moving us through different situations from the beginning of creation to its end.

Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah investigate this gigantic computer?

Answer: Yes. It reveals to us the entire reality, including this world and the upper world. It explains how we move between five worlds and how we attain the final state. A person who begins to recognize and attain this system is called a Kabbalist.

Question: How does this knowledge and attainment influence the a person’s life? What does it give to him?

Answer: When a person becomes familiar with and attains the higher system, the person discovers all of the forces that operate on him and the consequences of his actions. He discovers whether his actions are planned from above or whether he can insert his free and personal component into them. Is this life a “rigged game,” as if it were, in some kind of machine, and there is nothing to be done about it? Could it be that someone is watching it and following it from the outside, carrying out all kinds of exercises and experiments on it that he doesn’t know about, only carrying out the will of the higher desire in this world—or can he attain a state in our world in which he adds something of himself, and, moreover, can he discover the higher desire and obligate it to be involved with him such that he makes his own choices? A person discovers all of these things.

Question: Are you saying that there is some kind of system that manages me now, at this very moment?

Answer: Not just now, but always! It is beyond time, motion, and space.

Question: But I don’t feel it; I don’t feel that someone is managing me. I manage myself!

Answer: Do you feel how your body behaves, how it is managed? No, it has an inner program, and it acts like some kind of mechanism. You don’t feel this, but within it there is an infinite number of states and processes.

Question: I thought that the brain manages my body.

Answer: This is only the way it seems to you. Your body manages a much more complex program.

Question: Who manages me?

Answer: That same gigantic computer, the higher power, manages not only you, but everyone together, all of reality.

Question: But what does it want from my life?

Answer: The higher power wants you to discover it and become its full partner. This means that you will discover what its purpose is, how great, complete, eternal, and good this power is.

Question: How can we break into this immense computer?

Answer: To do this, you need to be a talented hacker.

Question: Which hackers break into this computer?

Answer: Those who learn the wisdom of Kabbalah can penetrate into this computer, into the higher system.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/15/15

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