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laitman_214Question: Only two groups are interested in the Creator: religious people or great scientists who study nature, people like Einstein who are trying to understand whether an upper force exists and are trying to find it. But all the other people aren’t interested in the Creator at all. How does He affect the daily life of an ordinary person?

Answer: This question has nothing to do with whether a person is religious or not. He lives and goes through different phases of development throughout his life together with all of humanity. If he discovers and knows at least according to which laws he and all of humanity develop, he will be able to manage his life more successfully.

By knowing what is expected the next day or two days in advance, where everything is moving to and advancing, he will be able to manage better. Suppose you wanted to know which profession is better for your son when he finishes school. Everything will be clear to you: how to study, what to study, what is better to buy. Everything will be known in advance since you will discover the general plan according to which you develop and you will be included in its stream.

Therefore, the revelation of the Creator is essential for every human being. Today we experience so many failures because we operate blindly. All of humanity is acting blindly despite all the high technology, the great sufferings it has undergone, and the rich bitter experience it has accumulated, all because it doesn’t know the plan of nature.

No one is expecting us to bow to the upper force like in religion. We have to discover it and to get to know it in order to ease our life and to prepare our children for an even better life. Otherwise life will become worse from one generation to the next.

Our children’s life will undoubtedly be much worse than ours. Fifty or sixty years ago we thought that life would gradually improve and that humanity would make new discoveries and achieve greater successes, that there would be no more world wars, and that the world would be a wonderful place. But suddenly we see that everything is actually the opposite.

Attaining the Creator is actually attaining nature, attaining the general plan. This opens our eyes and allows us to see the world we are actually living in, who manages it, and the network we live in. All that helps us become more successful, which is what humanity needs so much these days since it suffering.

We feel that we are increasingly more connected among us in global connections and don’t know how to break free. The EU now wants to break apart after many unsuccessful attempts to unite, but that will harm all the countries. This is all because they don’t know how to unite correctly so that it will be good for everyone.

The plan of how to connect to the good is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. I recommend it to everyone. After all, every person wants to succeed in life and the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to do so. This will be absolute success, which will not harm others not like today when we succeed at the expense of the failure of everyone else.

The chosen people are the people who have the plan of correction and we have to know it. In addition to that, being chosen means that we have to bring this plan to all of humanity. As long as we don’t do that, they will hate us and pressure us more and more. This is only the beginning of the general global pressure.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is meant for the most ordinary person and has nothing to do with religion: not Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, and not to any Eastern philosophies or any mysticism. It is only about the revelation of the upper force to every human being.

Thanks to this revelation, a person will no longer make mistakes in life. What is more, he will begin to discover the upper dimension and understand that our life doesn’t end with the death of the physical body. If it were so, then what would be the meaning of this limited existence for several decades, which one lives through with great pain and wars.

The meaning is that we should ascend to the next level during our life in this world. It is not the level of the physical world anymore but a level of consciousness, a new level of sensations. We ascend to a different dimension, discover new horizons, a new world.

This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah invites everyone to, to the revelation of the upper force and the attainment of the Creator, the revelation of eternity and wholeness in nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/18/14

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