Life In An Aquarium

laitman_928Question: The picture that you draw is depressing and even angers me. Is it really so, that all of my perception of the world is absolutely subjective and limited by my sensations?

Answer: Why does the perception of our world depress you? If we look at a fish in an aquarium, it lives calmly. For him, this aquarium, the water, and everything in it is his life.

A fish wants to live and take care of itself; it is satisfied with life in an aquarium. This is because it is important to it for there to be water saturated with oxygen and food. And it doesn’t want anything more.

The aquarium is his world. The fish doesn’t know what is to be found and what exists outside of the aquarium. That is how we also live in this world, in such an aquarium without knowing what is happening outside of it. The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science about the perception of reality that makes it possible for a person to expand his horizons.

Question: But the life of a fish in an aquarium doesn’t anger him. Why are we worried about what is found behind its walls?

Answer: This is because we have been chosen from all people to be born and develop such a desire that goes outside of the aquarium. We want to go out of the aquarium and discover what exists outside of it. This is a new desire that is irrelevant to a person in this world. It already belongs to the next level that is outside of our bodies; and that is what we need to explore.

I feel that I must discover what is concealed there, behind the glass of the aquarium. This life within the aquarium chokes me and I feel as if I am in a prison. I would prefer to die than to live a life like this because my desire is much greater than what can be fulfilled in this world.

I want to get knowledge and a feeling of a wider reality, of the outside world. And so I feel myself in this world as if I am locked in a dungeon or buried alive. Even though I am alive, I feel as if I am in a narrow coffin and am trying to break out of it.

There are people for whom life in an aquarium is absolutely enough for them; they are 99% of all of humanity.

Question: But aren’t all people dissatisfied about something?

Answer: They are dissatisfied that food wasn’t put into the aquarium on time and that the pump supplies oxygen poorly. Their desire is not developed beyond this. But there are people whose desire is much greater and they want to discover what is found beyond the limits of the aquarium.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 5/12/14

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