Revealing The Laws Of Unity

laitman_934Even when we returned to our land, we, the Jewish nation, still maintained the cultures of other nations, those that we “absorbed” during thousands of years. We are speaking about the transition period: We must behave in this way since we, in the meantime, are not able to release ourselves from the borrowed customs and habits and return to our authentic uniqueness.

We will still need to renew our acquaintance with our original culture, where internally we begin to get closer to each other.

Question: What is the essence, the inner point, of this culture?

Answer: Its foundation is the desire to unite and connect, in order to discover the Creator within our positive connection. We are speaking here of connection and unity according to the way of Kabbalah, and especially according to the writings of Rav Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag. He described in a detailed way how one needs to act; these laws in general have been known as far back as the days of Abraham.

His followers united, and thus united the groups that studied the wisdom of Kabbalah: disciples of the Ramchal, of the Ari, of Rabbi Shimon who wrote The Book of the Zohar, and the other groups of disciples.

This system is expressed in the ascension of man above himself for the benefit of uniting with others. This is something we must actualize first and foremost on our own. When we succeed, even a little bit, then slowly, slowly, within our connection, we will discover all kinds of laws of this unique and special society.

These laws are not written in books of law, but we discover them by ourselves: how one needs to build life, to arrange family life, to educate children, design relations towards the nation and the world.  All of this we learn ourselves, by us trying to unite according to the advice, the conditions, and laws that the Kabbalists describe to us. This is a practical experiment and it leads us along the way.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/28/14

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