The Entire Universe is Within a Man

laitman_739Question: Why does the wisdom of Kabbalah explore all the laws of nature by bringing a person inside the study as one of the parameters and trying to understand it through the entire universe?

Answer: Do we have any other opportunity to study and possibly exit our skin, our body? The whole picture of the world appears inside my feelings only. And if I disappear, then this picture will disappear in relation to me.

This world exists without me, and if so, does it exist in a way I see it or in some other form, in different wavelengths; that I cannot say. I still perceive everything only from my body.

Question: How does a Kabbalist see the world?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is the science of “reception” (Kabbalah), so a Kabbalist explores one’s perceptions of reality. Due to certain actions, one begins to change oneself and explores how, depending on the internal changes, one’s worldview varies as well.

A Kabbalist changes one’s internal properties, the form of desire, perception of, and communication with what is happening outside in the surrounding reality. A person begins to work with one’s desires and connection with external reality in such a way where new worlds will be built upon this.

Now we feel we are in a huge world that contains many different objects and phenomena. A person who begins to actively work with one’s desire, builds a new world upon it, a new reality.

A person remains living in a physical body and still perceives an earthly picture of the world in the five physical senses. This picture is constant, as the necessary foundation. But in addition to it, the Kabbalist creates five new senses with which one feels an additional world. A Kabbalist sees this world, feels it, works with it, and lives in it, in addition to the body that exists in the five physical senses.

This additional sense is called the higher or spiritual world. And the old perception through the five physical senses in which a person existed before and remained there is called this or our world.

If there are other people who also have this perception in five additional “out of body” spiritual senses, they can communicate with each other.

Question: If I were able to realize that the whole picture of the world is perceived by me, according to my internal properties, would it be able to open many new phenomena for me?

Answer: First of all, we must agree that all perception depends on a person, on an observer. And if there were no people, no one would reveal the existence of the reality of this universe. It exists only in our perception.

It did not exist before humans appeared on earth and found it. After all, it is apparent only in relation to a person. For example, ten years ago I discovered that the universe emerged fourteen billion years ago. But in fact it is me that perceives this reality in my mind versus this reality existing objectively in such boundaries of time and space. All of this is relative and exists only in a person.
From KabTV’s “Meeting of the Worlds” 5/12/14

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