Young People No Longer Buy Cars Or Houses

Dr, Michael LaitmanIn the News (Lifter): “The generation that is younger than 35 rarely buy houses, and even more seldom cars. They are called the “generation of tenants,” people who are afraid to borrow money.

“If in the past, successful people were those who owned a house and a car, now in high esteem are those who invest in experiences and impressions such as traveling and start-ups.

“People do not want prosperity and stability but a flexible schedule, and financial and geographical independence. Material things no longer hold people’s interest. Why would you own a car in the USA if you have Uber or Lyft? In essence, it’s a private car with a driver. And it costs no more to use the services of Uber than it does to own a car.

“Why would you buy a house in a beautiful place and go there on vacation if you can find accommodations anywhere in the world through Airbnb? Today’s young Americans change jobs, on average, once every three years, and you can move closer to the office if you are renting, not owning. The very concept of ownership of things is no longer relevant.”

My Comment: Times change and the desire with it, or rather, on the contrary, the change of desire causes a change in the attitude towards the world and life. The revision of the entire scale of values is ahead. The re-evaluation can be bloody or it can be enjoyable much like a game. It depends on how we perceive the necessary changes.

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