The Relevance Of The Torah In The Modern World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe section Kedoshim is the main section of the Torah and is translated as “Holiness.” Holiness is the level of Bina, the level of absolute, complete ascent above all egoistic desires. Therefore the right fulfillment of all the laws described within it should bring us to a state of bestowal.

Comment: But the system of prohibitions is examined in this section and tells us what will happen if we sin.

Answer: The prohibitions are not in order to scare us. Fear doesn’t help a person. We are made so that nothing can stop us. Moreover, it isn’t about fear of rulers in this world or fear of being punished by the Creator as considered by religions.

This specifies the option of sin and the punishment. We should understand the whole chain of spiritual actions so as to prevent any movement toward sin and to avoid committing acts that are prohibited. It is by such acts that you detach yourself from the ascent and by which you harm no one but yourself.

The correct understanding of the whole system, meaning the entrance, the exit, the inner part of the system, the way it works, etc., isn’t just a condition but the concealed laws of nature, which we don’t feel. Therefore it says, “Don’t behave that way, don’t do that.”

These are basically internal laws, which means they relate to the the desire, the intention, and the mind and heart. They are explicit and relate to the general system of nature, but they are concealed from us and we cannot see them unless we begin to implement them.

We begin to feel part of the laws of nature from birth by trial and error, just like a baby who finds that some things work while others don’t. He looks at others and repeats their actions, gets stuck on something and cries, which means that he gets used to what is allowed and what is forbidden.

There are laws of mutual relations between people that say, “This is allowed and this is forbidden,” but a person still doesn’t see the hidden meaning within them. Gradually, he begins to understand that he can be punished for some things and in regard to others, he is allowed to continue. He begins to realize that some things are not nice, and here the shame, envy, and the desire for control stop him, which means that different desires guide and direct him.

There are also laws that he doesn’t feel at all, when he doesn’t feel giving or bestowal from the environment and society, and these are also laws of nature! These are the laws that the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us and this is the reason it is called the concealed part of the Torah.

On the whole, these are the same laws and the same morality, but they are felt on a level that humanity has to reach in order to fulfill. Today we have reached a level that we have to fulfill the laws of general life on this planet, which has become a small, all inclusive area.

We see how borders are nullified and no matter where we go, it is the same mass culture everywhere. People are beginning to realize that everything is collective. If there are any unique local characteristics, they do not stem from the depths of history, but are artificially created in order to attract tourists.

We have changed internally and have become cosmopolitan, living in one common space. We preserve what existed before only in order to profit from it. The unique attribute of our times is a pragmatic approach to everything that once seemed holy and that we considered our legacy.

Now we have to keep the laws of unity, but unfortunately, we don’t feel the actual unity, nor living on one planet like one family totally dependent on one another.

The Torah tells us how all of humanity should attain the correct, cooperative life. Previously very few knew the essence of the Torah, but today its revelation to the world in its true light is required.

Thus, the nation that was given the laws that tell us how to live in unity penetrates the nations of the world like a river and begins to raise them to that level. At the same time, we need to constantly remind people that we did not invent these laws, these conventions and customs, and neither did anyone else. They are simply the laws of nature. Now we have simply arrived at a new level of our development from the still, vegetative, and animate levels to the human level.

Before that we lived and grew like animals, instinctively fulfilling what developed within us. Now, however, and despite our animal level, we should consciously begin to somehow get closer to other people even though we are repulsed by it. This is the human level that is opposite in every way from the animal level. This is the level we are now reaching.

Therefore, the Torah is becoming increasingly more relevant today.
From KabTV’s “The Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/23/14

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