The Torah Is The Basis For All The Laws

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe laws of the Torah have become the basis for all the laws since they are the laws of natural human connection. If we gradually evolve from an ape into a human being, then we naturally approach the fulfillment of the laws, or at least think that we should do so, although we don’t actually succeed. This means that they are the laws of the upper world to which we must eventually become equal, and the laws of the upper nature are fixed.

Humanity begins to awaken gradually and wants to behave according to these laws and live by them. It is very difficult to say to what extent we succeed since people don’t have the power to stick to them; it is a power that they must receive. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah does as it gives a person the power to fulfill these laws. We cannot fulfill them by ourselves since they are opposite to our nature.

However, if a person uses the method of Kabbalah correctly, he receives power and the mind for that, and then he can live by these laws. On the whole, it is all about education. We must educate a person correctly in order to actually change him from an ape into a human being. At present, people’s behavior is much worse than that of an ape.

Apes live according to clear laws of nature of the animate level and they fulfill its rules instinctively. Therefore, nothing is good or bad since it is their nature.

We have the option to act “for” or “against,” “in favor of,” and so forth. This means that we are given a certain level of freedom that allows us to clarify in whose favor we should use these laws, in my favor or the society’s, and how to become part of society in order to be as one whole together.

Usually, we choose in our favor and don’t think about the fact that if we connect to society then all the problems will disappear and there will be no more dilemmas. This is the issue for the future.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/29/13

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