What Does Your Heart Draw You To?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person who doesn’t engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah but simply watches and listens to our broadcasts gradually begins to automatically perceive all the terms and concepts of the Torah correctly, since the upper Light operates on him.

He doesn’t need anything other than that. If he does everything systematically, then he will undoubtedly begin to feel an opposite world and understand that everything that we perceive on the outside is actually inside us. It will be easy and simple for him to perceive that. He only needs to go through this change, and that’s all.

On the whole, this is what the fields that deal with borderlines like quantum physics and the theory of relativity talk about. A person tries and doesn’t understand why things occur in a certain way, and then he begins to realize and think in terms of the new system of coordinates.

But before every new level, before the realization, there is a feeling of darkness, of confusion, as if mud has been mixed in water and nothing is clear.

The main thing is that we are part of nature and cannot escape from it. We engage in the most natural science that only clarifies where we are, how we live, and how we perceive nature.

But if a person has no such inclination, you will not be able to persuade him to study. If he begins to feel the need for that, then he doesn’t need any words. He senses it like an animal, “this refers to me.” He will look around until he arrives at the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/29/13

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