The Whole World Is My Reflection

Dr. Michael LaitmanA “slave” is a desire that I have assimilated inside me and it is thus under my full control. At the same time, I have subdued it to such an extent that it isn’t considered my ego anymore, but a full partner.

I can fully use it, not by pressure as I did when I was using it by force, but rationally and logically. This means that it is already in full agreement with me.

We only talk about intentions and desires since there is nothing other than that in a person. A person is a small world, so everything that we see, the picture of the world with everyone in it, is all a reflection of my inner attributes and nothing but that. If there is anything in the world inside me, it is a sign that this is how I see my own reflection.

This is the way I should arrange everything in my head while reading the sources, until I actually realize that. Gradually both your mind and sight will be focused on that, and you will understand that it is really so. Even quantum physicists and psychologists are starting to talk about this now.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/29/13

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