Covering All Of Creation By Myself

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe laws of the Torah are very complex. We can study and examine them according to The Book of Zohar or according to the writings of ARI, but they are all about very complex systems. Since every person is actually a system that is “stretched” over all of creation, each of us is like skin that is stretched over all the worlds.

However, we lack this knowledge and these feelings. We don’t live in this dimension so that we can discuss it by understanding it and the interruptions we insert into the general system by our actions, whether they are positive or negative. This system somehow operates mutually with us by summoning in us certain voids, desires, and awakenings, and we must respond to all that.

So, I must feel the whole system. It must be inside me, and I must control it, manage it. In this case, we can speak about how a person is responsible for all that. It turns out that all the laws of the Torah are actually the clarifications of my state inside the system. Where do I discover my corruption now, my incomplete incorporation in the system? How should I complete all this, which means to draw away from one thing and get closer to another?

Generally speaking, the entire life of a person who is correctly incorporated in the system comes down to his determining how to “spread” even more over all the system and be incorporated in it more fully so as to cover all of the five worlds by his essence. Then, I become a fully corrected person. So, the five parts of the Torah tell us about how I gradually cover all of creation in circles: All the worlds of Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, and Adam Kadmon (primordial man) since all of creation is inside me.

“Covering” means to totally feel and cooperate with all of creation. It is already my whole, inner structure, my inner constitution. Even today, all of creation is inside a person, but he simply doesn’t feel that. He feels the world external to him.

However, he must feel that everything is inside him, like a musician or a painter who feels by their inner sense that everything they want to convey is through their creation, from inside him. A person reaches this feeling when he wants to feel that he is connected to the whole world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/29/13

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