Be Your Own Prosecutor and Judge

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen the question about the purpose of life (the point in the heart) arises in a person, Kabbalah turns to him or her and says: “If you change your attitude to the Light, you will reveal the system of 125 degrees of the Light, of the property of bestowal.” The transformations you will have to undergo relative to the Light are regarded as “Mishpatim” (laws). The states you are passing through are called life cycles (Gilgulim). The property you reside in at each of the states is called a soul. In other words, we are talking about the incarnation of the soul.

The weekly chapter “Mishpatim” (laws, judicial rulings) was written in a very comprehensive manner. It demonstrates to us all of the cycles that we have to go through over the course of 125 spiritual degrees to the end of correction, by advancing from the states the most distant from the Creator to the most exalted degrees that are closest to Him. Therefore, it is titled “Mishpatim (Laws),” where you must be your own prosecutor and judge, and no one else!

The Torah appeals to you: “Appoint judges and officers in all your gates.” At each gate leading to the Creator, you have to conduct a trial and rule upon a verdict to know who and what you are, how you sort your desires, with which of them you advance, and which you put aside for now.

We don’t work with “Ha Lev ha Even,” our “stony heart”; neither do we work with the “slave.” A slave must only assist, must only be present during the evolution but make no decisions; there is a master over him, the “Rosh” (head), and the former cancels himself before the master and advances thereby.

Everything is within a person who is a small world. That is why there have to be a maid and a mistress, a slave and a master, a widow, a wealthy, and a poor, all of whom are desires of our souls, and all of which unfold simultaneously. You don’t move on from one level to another, transferring from the state called “slave” to the state “master,” “Cohen (priest),” and so on. At each new step, you are comprised of all desires at once, each of which is in a certain condition. “A person is a small world” means that in each state, you contain everything there is.

I do not evaluate and verify my desires with the book: “This desire isn’t quite good; I have to fix it. But this one needs enhancing, so let me ‘tune it up.’” Rather, I analyze each desire relative to the Light.

I have to draw the Light on the right so that it would affect my desires. It is written: “In Your Light we will see the Light.” Under the influence of the Light, I examine myself and demand for the Light to return and reform me. And when I see that all corrections are complete, meaning the trial is over and I merit fulfillment, then the Light returns for the third time.

With the first coming of Light, I get to know my evil.
With the second coming of the Light, I get reformed.
With the third coming of the Light, I become fulfilled.

Thus, when we transition from one state to the next, we undergo three sub-states after which we complete correction of one degree and move on to the next. It means that I completed my Gilgul (incarnation, life cycle), my work with a set of desires that get revealed to me at a certain spiritual degree.
From the Lesson on Weekly Torah Portion 1/26/2011

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