The Light Of The Upper Worlds And Our Life In This World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen studying spiritual properties and structures, we discover very peculiar groupings, combinations, and characteristics of these forces. They group among themselves. Each force and property groups with others by Sefirot and Partzufim.

A Partzuf is a system that spreads its influence downward on our corresponding projection here, in this world. And the Partzufim link together into complete, more global mergers called the worlds. Thus, in the upper world, there are worlds, Partzufim, and Sefirot.

Sefirot are the smallest enterprises, associations. A Partzuf is a more global one. And a world is a bigger, global merger. The worlds comprise a single upper world. And all of this in order to channel the unique Upper Light, the Light of the Creator, to us, those who reside here at the bottom, in our world.

Hence, while studying Kabbalah, we can envision what is the best way for us to get organized in order to build our society, our family, home, education, relationships between husband and wife, men and women in general, the nations and the world correctly.

What can we do to correspond and to be adequate to our roots? In the degree that we are equivalent to them, we will feel more comfortable in our world. And if we achieve some general correspondence to the upper world, the upper Partzuf (albeit not with entire humanity, but a certain group or association, for now), then we will start sensing the upper world and ourselves as one whole. It is regarded as our ascent to the upper world.

Since there is only one force that influences us, it impacts practically the entire world at the same time. Therefore, the closer all the components of our world are and the more harmoniously they interact with each other, the closer are we going to be to this integral force. This is the general rule.
From Lesson 5 Berlin Convention 1/29/2011

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