Levels Of Perceiving The Torah

Laitman_137The Torah is a spiritual instruction, through following it a person gradually attains the end of the correction of the soul. At first glance many parts of the Torah seem to be repetitive, but these repetitions are on the next, higher level.

When I went to school, for example, I understood the laws of physics without a problem and they seemed quite simple. I wondered how deeper and more complex they were when I studied them at university, since they seemed the same but it was on a totally different level of study.

Therefore, it is impossible to fulfill the laws of the Torah if you are not on the matching spiritual level. It is impossible to attain the next level if you haven’t prepared your five senses for it.

It is like teaching a dog morality. Of course, he can perceive your mood instinctively, but he will never perceive the moral message. If you want him to behave properly you have to descend to his level and make it understood through reward and punishment what is allowed and what is not. He will perfectly understand that he shouldn’t take food from the table because he will receive a blow, not because you are expecting guests and the table is set for them.

Explaining the systems of prohibitions to a human being can take on totally different forms of morality, which means that everyone understands according to his level.

Therefore, although the stories in the Torah are conveyed in the same words, their levels are very different, just like the difference between the perception of a man and a dog.

Question: What does the processing of the spiritual level mean?

Answer: It means that you have properly combined and connected all the desires that can be used on a certain level, made them into a general desire (a general vessel) and have received in it the measure of Light in order to bestow that you should receive on that level.

When you work in order to bestow, you create for others the attribute of love and mercy. This is the work on the given spiritual level. The same thing repeats on the next level but with totally different conditions.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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