A Healthy Body Reflects A Balanced Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is Kabbalah’s view on health?

Answer: All types of health disciplines such as physiology, ethics, morals, and psychology are the essence of the balanced system called the human being. All these disciplines are interconnected.

Based on our life experiences we know how psychology influences physiology and visa versa. If we take care of our “I,” the highest level of the human in us, we influence the lowest levels of the subsystems.

Therefore, Kabbalah tells us that first and foremost the soul has to be corrected. This is the balance of self needed in order to balance oneself out with the rest of the world and be in harmony and homeostasis with it. Then the lowest physiological systems will come to balance due to the upper system’s influence and gradually arrive to be in order.

This is the cure, according to Kabbalah. The same point of view exists in Eastern healing practices. They state that the human being is a micro world, and as such must be in complete internal balance on all levels as well as in external balance with the world.

To reach such equilibrium, we must have correct education and societies, which are the shell in which we exist and with which we have to interact while being fully integrated. This will naturally balance us out internality.

This is why treatment of a person should not come from the elimination of all kinds of symptoms, but only from the upper levels that, according to the hierarchy, will bring the entire system into balance from the top down.

We don’t need to delve into the bodily physiological properties; we have to bring the soul into balance. The body will then comply and regain health all on its own.

Treatment of separate body organs doesn’t bring any results since we have no idea how they are even related. It’s like fixing one thing, but breaking another. Any medication itself is a poison, and it is not for nothing that the symbol of medicine is a poisonous snake.

We see that taking medication doesn’t lead to a complete cure and a person continues to be sick. A person’s soul must be balanced in order for a person to be healthy. As saying goes, a sound mind is in a sound body.

Comment: Just like in ancient Chinese medicine, a doctor will receive his payment for a person being completely healthy and not just for treating separate organs.

Answer: Yes, but this will be a completely different doctor. It won’t be a doctor-Kabbalist, but it will be an instructor who will correctly tune a person into homeostasis with the environment.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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